This Phone Does Not Accept Incoming Calls: 4 Ways To Solve

this phone does not accept incoming calls
this phone does not accept incoming calls

Let me ask you something, What do you guys use your cell phone for? I know you will give me a thousand different reasons including everything that a cell phone can do. But aren’t you forgetting that the cell phone was basically created to provide a way to communicate with people living far and wide? It has a primary function which is to dial and receive calls. What if I give you a cell phone but this phone doesn’t accept incoming calls. How would you describe its importance? Would there even be such a phone? Well, in this article, we’ll tell you everything about this phone doesn’t accept incoming calls.

This Phone Does Not Accept Incoming Calls: 4 Ways To Solve

There are several different factors that might affect your phone’s capability but the absence of any such factors doesn’t really mean that your phone is insignificant. But most importantly, receiving the incoming calls is one of the very basic phone features that has been around since the beginning. Different things might interrupt the ability of your phone to receive these Incoming calls which can be absolutely annoying.

This problem however is not permanent but a temporary issue which can be solved easily. You can solve this issue of your phone not receiving incoming calls easily by following the given steps, without having to contact the phone’s manufacturer.

  1. Network Signals

Network Signals are the most important thing that you should be aware of if you’re facing problems with your phone not receiving any of those important incoming calls. This could be related to either a coverage issue, maintenance, or damaged/ down servers problem. This causes a downfall in signal levels which results in chopped off-network services. Ultimately your phone becomes out of reach and it doesn’t recognize incoming calls. You can check the signal strength by looking at the pattern of signal bars shown on the top right corner of your phone’s display.

  1. Network Bill Payments

Problems that you are facing while receiving the incoming calls might be caused by those late bill payments that you’ve been making. Tey being more regular and punctual when paying your mobile bills because if you have missed or made late payments, your provider has the right to cut your Incoming services.

  1. Phone’s Software

You should stay aware of your phone’s software that can also be the reason for your problem. A malfunctioning software if installed on your phone, can easily disrupt its various features. You can try resetting your phone’s software by restoring the network settings to default. Make sure to back up your phone’s data before rebooting the phone.

  1. Disturbed Landlines

If this phone doesn’t accept the calls, disturbing landlines might be the reason. They may be damaged or disturbed. Or it could be that some maintenance work may be going on which is disturbing the landlines.


So, if this phone doesn’t accept incoming calls, you know what could be the reason. Try and avoid that. Also, you can find precautionary measures on the internet to prepare for any such situations.

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