5 Steps To Troubleshoot Network Access Denied By MSO Error

network access denied by mso
network access denied by mso

Having a streamlined internet connection is essential in this modern and fast-paced world. With this being said, whenever there are errors, the network connectivity will be impacted and you won’t be able to use the internet. In the same vein, the “network access denied by MSO” error will hinder your ability to use the connection. In this article, we have everything you need to know to get rid of this issue!

Troubleshooting The Network Access Denied By MSO Error

This error usually means that your network is sending wrong configuration files to your modem and it needs to be fixed. So, there are multiple troubleshooting methods that can help fix this issue. So, in this section, we have outlined them all!

1. Direct Connection

Whenever you struggle with these errors on your wireless connection, it is suggested that you create a direct connection. The direct connection can be established by plugging one end of the cable in the router/modem while the other end of the cable should be plugged into the device. This will fix the wrong configuration file transfer, hence an optimized internet connection.

2. Encryption

For everyone with the wireless internet connection, you need to understand that modems and routers have built-in encryption. With this being said, these high-end encryptions will limit the utilization of internet connection. So, if such errors are prevalent with your network connection, you should try switching off the encryption to get rid of this error.

3. Devices

This is one of the most crucial steps out there because you need to check if a similar error is on every device. If the error is prevailing on every connected device, it is pretty clear that the issue is with your internet connection. On the other hand, if only one device is showing the error and other devices perfectly fine, you should be worrying about the device. In this case, just reboot your faulty device and it will probably free up the blocked pores that might be responsible for such issues.

4. CMD Command

If you want to fix the software issues on your device concerned with the wireless or wired connection, you can run the CMD commands, while following the below-mentioned steps;

  • First of all, press the Windows key and R button at the same time
  • Click on the CMD that opens the command prompt
  • In the available fields, add “” and IP Config in the respective files
  • Check and select all the available boxes
  • Hit the enter button and the error will be fixed

5. Firewall Block Access

The Windows operating systems are built-in with the firewalls to ensure there are proper security standards. However, these firewalls tend to be adversely impactful for the network and internet connections. We are saying this because you can simply switch off the firewall access and it will offer streamlined internet connection and zero impacts on the network.

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