3 Practices To Fix Wi-Fi Switches From On to Looking For Networks

wifi switches from on to looking for networks
wifi switches from on to looking for networks

iOS and macOS are the most promising operating systems with top-notch functions. However, just like other operating systems, it’s needless to say that they will need some troubleshooting at times. For instance, these operating systems run into various problems, and Wi-Fi switches from one to looking for networks issue is one of them. I,n case your Wi-Fi is acting up as well, and you are having a hard time staying connected to the same WiFi network, we have come here with the solutions!

Wi-Fi Switches From On to Looking For Networks

Before we start focusing on the solutions, you need to remember that it’s important to identify if the Wi-Fi issue is only associated with Mac. You need to check different devices that are connected to the same internet connection to check if the problem is with all connected devices or with the Mac only. If the problem is with all the devices, you have no choice but to reset the router and contact the network provider because these two steps are extremely helpful.

On the other hand, if the problem is only associated with your Mac device, there are some other steps that you have to follow, such as;

1. Focus On The macOS Network Settings

First of all, you need to check the Wi-Fi and network settings to ensure the network settings are enabled. For this purpose, you can tap on the Wi-Fi icon (it is usually on the top-left corner of the screen). After this, choose the network preferences and tap on the network option. From this page, uncheck the “ask to join new network” option.

In various cases, the Mac connects to other Wi-Fi connections on its own, but it’s usually because it detects stronger internet signals. When it detects a strong Wi-Fi connection, it will automatically bring up the new pop-up menu with the list of new network connections, so you can tap on the new Wi-Fi connection. So, unchecking the option will ensure that there is no internet connection interruption.

Keep in mind that you will be able to access the new networks,, but you will have to do it manually rather than getting interrupted by the annoying pop-up menus.

2. “Automatically Join This Network” Feature

If your device already has multiple wireless networks saved for connecting you to a wireless connection, it is highly likely that the Mac will automatically connect to one of them whenever it detects stronger signals. So, if you don’t want this to happen, you need to uncheck the “automatically join this network” button. It will ensure that the device will only connect to the home network.

3. Advanced Settings

When you open the advanced settings on your Mac, you will be given access to more options related to the network. In the advanced settings, you need to use the Wi-Fi button, and when you gain access to other wireless network settings, uncheck the “auto-join” feature. As a result, the device won’t be connected to other network connections without your permission or unless you select a new connection manually.

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