5 Steps To Fixing Starlink Power Supply Not Working

starlink power supply not working
starlink power supply not working

When it comes down to Starlink internet connections, they are perfect for people who are looking for satellite internet connections. The satellite internet promises reliable and secure internet coverage and promises global coverage, which means it’s available for people in rural areas. In addition, satellite internet connections are cost-efficient and have a faster deployment. However, various Starlink users have been complaining about the power supply issues, and we are sharing some solutions with you!

Fixing Starlink Power Supply Not Working

  1. Cables

Whenever you struggle with power supply issues, the first step you have to follow is to check the cables. In particular, you have to check the power cables as they are responsible for transmitting the electrical signals. Having said that, if the power cables are damaged, you have to replace them with new power cables to make sure there are no compromises on power transmission. However, before you replace the cables, it’s recommended that you disconnect the power cable and reconnect it tightly.

  1. Connectors

The second step that you can follow is to check the connectors. Since Starlink is a dish-based internet connection, it includes different connectors to connect different parts of the network infrastructure. Having said that, when there are power supply issues, you have to check the connectors and make sure they aren’t damaged. In addition to this, check the connectors to clean the built-up dust. Once the connectors are cleaned up, they will be able to create a reliable power connection.

  1. Pins

With Starlink’s internet connection, the network infrastructure includes a dish, which uses a power socket to connect to the power source. However, when the power socket’s pins are bent or misaligned, it can cause power supply issues. So, check the power socket and make sure the pins are properly aligned. It’s recommended that you reach out to the technical support team or an electrician to fix the pins – the long-term solution is to replace the power socket.

  1. Extensions

If you are using the power extension to connect the router and modem to activate the Starlink network, it can cause interference with the electrical connection, hence the power supply issue. Having said that, if you have connected a power extension to power on the modem and router, it’s recommended that you remove it and connect your network equipment to the power outlet directly. In addition to power extension, you should disconnect the power strip as well.

  1. Adapters

The internet router of Starlink has to be connected to power with the help of an adapter. However, when the adapter stops working, it will fail to power on the router, resulting in a power supply issue. It’s recommended that you call the electrician to check the adapter’s continuity, and if there is no continuity, the adapter has to be replaced. Also, when you purchase the adapter, it’s recommended that you purchase the one with 1.5 AMP and 12V specifications.

These solutions should help resolve the power supply issues. However, if the router or dish still has power supply issues, there are chances of hardware issues, so call the technical team!

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