Why Does The Phone Keeps Ringing? 4 Ways To Fix

phone keeps ringing
phone keeps ringing

Cellphone troubleshooting is a necessary skill that we all should know as the smartphone has become an essential part of our lives and it is simply unimaginable having a life without a phone these days.

Ultimately, even minor issues with the phones can cause you to have problems and you need to fix them on your own to have the right experience and save your time and bucks both. If your phone keeps ringing and you are unable to figure out a way around it, here are a few things that you need to try.

The Phone Keeps Ringing

1) Restart the phone

Sometimes there are errors or bugs on the phone that might make the phone think like there is an incoming call or notification while there are none. This is not a big issue to deal with and all you need to try out in such cases is shutting down your phone once and then restarting it after a few minutes. This should do the trick if the problem is caused due to some error or bug and you will not have to deal with it again.

2) Reset the phone

Also, there might be some other issues like settings on the phone or some applications that you might have recently installed that can cause you to face this problem and there is not much that you can do in such cases. For such instances like this, you will need to make sure that you have uninstalled any applications that you have installed in the past few days and they required phone access on your device. After that, you will need to reset the phone app settings to its default. This is most likely going to solve the problem for you for good.

If the problem still persists, you will need to reset the phone to its default settings and that will make it work for you. You need to reset the phone properly and it will automatically restart afterward with no problems at all.

3) Update Firmware

Another thing that you can try is updating the phone firmware to its latest version. It is recommended that you always keep the auto-updates on and that will help you avoid such instances in the first place. However, just access the phone settings and you will find the update option here. If an update is available, you need to click on that and it will download the latest version of your firmware to your phone. This will stop your phone from ringing unnecessarily.

4) Get it Checked

Now, if you have tried everything listed above and you are still unable to make it work for some reason, that would mean that there is some sort of issue with the phone hardware that needs your attention and you should get it fixed. You need to take your phone to an authorized warranty center where they will check your phone for any sorts of short circuits, IC issues, and stuff like that to ensure that the part that is causing you to have these troubles is fixed.

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