5 Tips On Finding Phone Numbers Available For Activation

find available phone numbers for activation
find available phone numbers for activation

How To Find Phone Numbers Available For Activation?

Everyone wants to have the most unique and attractive phone number. A phone number is generally 11 digits combination that can be any set of numbers. These phone numbers can be just handed out randomly to you or they can mean something for you in your life. If you don’t care about that much, it is alright. No one looks at numbers these days anyways with the smartphones that can save all the numbers with names and they just have to dial a name.

But, if you do care about having a number that is different than most of the numbers out there, you must read this article. You might not know that but you have the option to choose your phone number. There are tons of numbers available out there that you can choose to be yours. These numbers are waiting to get activated and are not in use anymore. Some of these numbers can be discontinued and you can use them as well if these are with your service provider. To understand the concept better, let’s have a look at what you can choose and what you have no control over.

A phone number is like your digital identity and most personal and business phones mean something. If you are looking to have the right number, you can ask your carrier for the list of available numbers to activate. Or, you can try calling the number and see if it is in use. You can also ask your carrier for a specific number and they will be able to confirm if a certain number is available to use and activation.

1. The Limitations

There are certain limitations in choosing a number. You cannot choose all 11 numbers on your phone number. There are some codes like country code, area code, and your service provider’s code that must be there. This is a bummer for some people who want to have personalized phone numbers. You can choose from any set of numbers if that is available and not in use by someone else. If a number is being used by someone else, there is no chance for you to have that number unless they give it to you willingly or you can put out your name on the waiting list if that number is discontinued by the user but that is the tale for some other time.

2.Network Carriers

There are certain network carriers that are offering you their services. Each network carrier has a different code of theirs at the start of your phone number. This is non-negotiable and cannot be changed. But it brings relief for the users. If you want a certain number, you can ask for it for your carrier. If the number is available for activation and not in use by someone else, you can have the number activated for you with no hassle at all.

But the problem starts when the number is not available for activation. There are chances that this number might be available with some other carrier with a different carrier code. Now, since you cannot change the network code, you are okay with having the same number. You might think if it is worth changing your carrier for a number. A carrier that you are satisfied with is not easy to let go of.

There is nothing to be worried about. There is a way around the whole situation that you can opt for. You can get your favorite number registered from the carrier that it is available with. Then, carriers are offering to bring your own number to their services. This feature is called bring in your own number or number portability. This allows you to have the convenience of switching your carrier without having to let go of your number. So, you can get the number and later convert your carrier to your favorite one. This will allow you to have the best of both worlds by enjoying your favorite carrier and the number.

3. Things to Remember

While you are at it, there are several things that you would need to remember to ensure a smooth transition.

To start with, be mindful to not sign any contract that can lead you to keep that carrier for longer than you want to. You intend to switch your carrier right, so no matter how expensive a package is shown to you without a contact. You need to choose the independent plan that has no liabilities and charges you on the usage.

There are also some set rules for the time period of converting your network. That means you cannot switch between networks for a certain period. So, be mindful of that time and plan the whole process accordingly. Be mindful to bear any costs if included and calculate them in advance to see if it would be worth all the trouble for you.

4. The Waiting List

There are some workarounds that you can use for the numbers. This one is in case if you want to acquire a certain number with a specific carrier. These carriers provide you a waiting list as well that is a good option. You can simply wait on a number to be discontinued or you can contact the carrier to have your name on the waiting list for the number. They will notify you if a number is not in use for a specific period of time or if it is being discontinued by the user. All these numbers are recycled so you will have a chance to get your hands on the number soon.

5. Contact the Owner

This one is the most simple and easy way to get a number that is in use of someone else. You can contact the owner by calling the number and make them an offer for the number. If the owner is willing, you can have that number converted for you. This works most of the time and will do the trick for you.

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