4 Rings On Phone Meaning: Why My Phone Only Rings 4 Times?

4 rings on phone meaning
4 rings on phone meaning

Are you also facing a situation with your cell phone where it only rings for about 3 to 4 bells and then stops ringing? Instead of ringing more, the phone goes silent. So, what does this mean? If you are also looking to find out 4 Rings Phone meaning, you have landed on the correct page. In this article, we are going to find out what these 4 rings mean and what can you do about it. Stick with us to learn more about 4 rings phone meaning.

4 Rings On Phone Meaning

Why My Phone Only Rings 4 Times?

When someone calls you, you must have noticed that your phone only gives a total of 4 rings before stop playing the ringtones. After that, you will not hear any bells or ringtones. But why is it so? Why only 4 Rings? What is 4 rings phone meaning? Why does the phone stop ringing after 4 rings? What happens after 4 rings?

Just chill out and stop stressing over your phone’s ringing pattern. It is not just your phone but all the phones usually ring for a maximum of 4 to 6 rings before shutting the call down. This is not some kind of issue but a rather limit of ringing which is set by none other than the providers.

Your cell phone provider is the one who sets the ringing limit on your phone to ring 4 times before stopping. This usually takes 25 to 30 seconds. When someone dials your number, your phone rings for the limited 30 seconds which contributes to generally 4 rings. That’s why you only get to hear your phone ringing 4 times before stopping.

How To Extend The Ringing Time Limit?

Well, changing the ringing time limit of your phone is not quite rocket science. Either you will be able to do it or you will not have the permission. In some cases, the process product providers set the ringing limit themselves which cannot be changed no matter how much wish for it. The only way to rectify this situation is to change your cell phone and buy the next product from a different brand.

As for the second option which offers a little hope of possibility, some of the product providers do permit the users to select their ringing limits as per their choice. However, this case is also not fully free of any standard limits as you are only given two ringing limit options that you can choose from. With that said, 4 rings are the minimum and 6 rings are the maximum ring limits that you can go for.

Changing Your Ringing Limit

If you are currently on a limit of 4 rings and want to increase it to 6 before the phone goes straight to voicemail, follow the given instructions. If you have a TracFone BYOD GSM service, you’re good to go on with the given steps.

  • First dial ##002#
  • Then try dialing *#61#
  • Now, send to check the forwarding status of your phone’s ringing limit.

This can extend your ringing limit to maximize 30 seconds. If it doesn’t work, then another thing that you can do is:

  • Contact your TracFone Customer help desk.
  • Ask them to reset or disable your voicemail service.

After voicemail is disabled, your phone will automatically ring for the maximum ringing time set by the provider.

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