What Is Verizon Network Security Key? (Explained)

verizon network security key
verizon network security key

Every so often, you get in the need to keep a track of your Verizon’s network security keys. We also call such keys the Wi-Fi security keys or pre-share security keys. These network security keys are most probably 15 to 25 characters long with the mix-up of digits and alphabets. One can easily locate these security keys on their Verizon’s router. However, the locating process can be done online as well.

There are multiple types of such keys. Verizon’s router/modem has several network security keys that you can easily locate by browsing online following the specific steps. In this article, we have pinpointed the types of network security keys for the Verizon network users along with the procedure of locating those keys.

For an insightful understanding of the topic, we must know what network security keys are and what they do.

What Is Network Security Key?

The network security key is a physical or digital passphrase that is meant to provide the accessibility and authorization to a user upon the client’s request. It is a network password that gives the maximum protection and security to the established network. They are in the form of biometric data as well.

The network security key serves as a bridge between the user and the responsible network to provide the protected internet connection via the passcode present or attached virtually to the router/modem. Verizon’s network security code serves in the same way.

Types Of Verizon Network Security Key:

Version network has the following types of security keys:

  1. WPA And WPA2:

These are the most commonly found network keys that give authorization and network-protected internet to the users.

  1. WEP:

These security keys are extensively used for encryption. They are useful for wired connectivity.

Ways To Find Verizon’s Network Security Keys:

Following are some step by step processes for the Verizon users to get access to their network security keys.

How To Find Verizon’s Network WEP Key?

The procedure to get the WEP key would be similar for all the versions of the Verizon except for some distinct changes that are described clearly down there.

  1. For Verizon 9100EM or 9100VM:

First, you are required to know your Verizon 9100’s SSID and WEP in case if you are willing to add other computer networks or simply change the hardware settings. Every connected device must be configured with the same SSID and passphrase.

Follow these steps to get the network security key:

  • Navigate to the web address
  • Look up the introduction.
  • Click OK.
  • Select “Wireless” in the top menu bar.
  • Wireless screen status will appear.
  • SSID is at the second top of the screen.
  • Go the fifth row and enter the WEP key.
  • Save up your SSID and WEP settings separately for the future.
  • Close down the window.
  1. For Verizon MI424WR:

The following steps for the Verizon MI424WR might vary for different routers and uploaded firmware.

  • Navigate to
  • Input your username.
  • Now enter your passcode. Input the default password of the router if you haven’t changed it yet.
  • Go to Wireless settings.
  • Select Basic settings.
  • Input the correct entries in the “Select a WEP key” option.
  • Now close the configuration window.

How To Find Verizon’s Network WPA & WPA2 Keys?

The following procedures to get the WPA and WPA2 keys for the Verizon network are quite handy once you know the SSIDs and the passkeys for them.

  1. For Verizon 9100EM or 9100VM:
  • Go to
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Make sure you provide the serial number for stronger security terms.
  • Upon forgetting the password, reset your Verizon router to the factory reset option.
  • Click Wireless settings and input correct entries in the box.
  • Close the router configuration Window.
  1. For Verizon MI424WR:

The encryption code for WPA and WPA2 is stored over your Verizon MI424WR router. make sure you have your hands on them and then carry out these simple steps.

  • Go the web and navigate to
  • Enter your configured username.
  • Enter your password. Recover it immediately by factory resetting it.
  • Go to the Wireless settings icon.
  • Select the wireless configuration Window.
  • Enter the Pre-Shared Key and the Encryption Algorithm in the Status Window. Put them somewhere safe for future help.
  • Now close the Verizon router configuration window.

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