Aerohive vs Meraki: Who Has Better Networking Equipment?

aerohive vs meraki
aerohive vs meraki

Most businesses and workspaces have now moved on to using internet connections for their services. The companies share data between the users through their network as well as make backup files on the cloud.

This speeds up the process for them and can even help in keeping their confidential information secure. Though when it comes to sending large data files between the users and keeping a check over them. This can not be done simply through the internet when there are lots of people included.

This is why companies decide to go for a LAN setup instead. Before you get started with this, you must have all the right equipment with you. Considering this, two of the most famous network devices that people go for are Aerohive and Meraki.

Selecting one of them can be quite difficult for users. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with all the information required about these devices. The following should make it easier for you to select a device that you are comfortable with.

Aerohive vs Meraki


When comparing both of these devices, there are some things that the user should consider. These include checking if you require data redundancy on your server. Furthermore, how you want to block the incoming traffic on your servers along with what ports you want to use. There are tons of other things like what application you prefer to use on your network.

All of these questions paired up will most likely help you in selecting a device that you want to go for. When talking about the key features of the Aerohive device. You should note that the cloud service from it was originally launched in 2009. The system does not provide you with any replication or redundancy features. Additionally, there is no built-in virus protection of the device.

If the user wishes to block a certain application on their network then even the option for it is not available. You will have to manually check the systems for these programs all the time. Now getting to the set-up part, you should also note that Aerohive does not support setting up a wired network. You will have to do this wirelessly which can look quite clean. Though, keep in mind that the speed for your connection will also be considerably slower than a wired setup.


Meraki is another famous option that the user can go for. While the device looks quite similar to Aerohive, you should note that there are noticeable differences between the two. First of all, the cloud service from Cisco Meraki was launched back in 2006 which was 3 years before Aerohive.

Additionally, the device comes with a list of configuration settings for the user which include tons of features. These will allow you to set up automated systems to keep a check over failovers.

Moreover, the option for data redundancy and replication is also provided by the device. You can also configure a list of block commands which will work on both applications as well as certain activities. These allow you to prevent people on the network from using certain programs as well as performing specific tasks. This feature alone takes off a lot of pressure from the user who has to manually keep a check over all the devices in the network.

When getting to security features on the device, the user is given the option to input their fingerprint. This will then allow you to access the cloud storage through it whenever you want to. Your network will also be kept protected from third-party users and applications because of the built-in virus protection. Usually, you have to set this up manually on most network devices and switches. Finally, the Meraki device works in both setup configurations.

You can either set up a completely wireless network or go for a wired one instead. You can even set these up together if you wish to but keep in mind that the process can be a little complicated. As for the updates, the user will be notified about these whenever they are available. Simply selecting the install button should allow you to update your network while on Aerohive, people have to manually look for their updates.

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