Leaving Family Plan For An Individual One In Verizon (Explained)

verizon leaving family plan for an individual
verizon leaving family plan for an individual

Verizon has several great family plans. So if you need several different plans within your family, instead of getting individual plans for each one of the family members, you can simply go for the family plan. It is reliable and convenient. This is why many Verizon users have family plans.

However, one major concern that many users have is that at some point in their life they feel like going for an individual plan instead of a family one. In such a situation, dealing with things can be a bit tricky. So here are a few details that you must know if you are switching from a Verizon family plan to an individual one.

Leaving Family Plan For An Individual One In Verizon?

The first thing is that you do not need to get a new number while switching from a family plan to an individual plan. You can retain the same number. But if someone else was the account owner of the family plan, you will need to get it transferred to your name. Before you can become the new account owner there are a few things that you will need to ensure. They are listed below.

  • You must be 18 years old or above. This age limit is 19 years in case you are living in Alabama.
  • You will have to register for the My Verizon account. You will have to sign in to the My Verizon account to complete the transfer request. You will be able to manage your account from My Verizon.
  • Once the Transfer of Service is authorized by the current account owner, you will get a notification via email regarding the transfer request. To complete the transfer, you will have to click on the link saying ‘Complete the Transfer Request’ and then you can follow the directions to complete the process. You will need to enter the mobile number that you are getting as a result of the transfer.
  • You will also have to undergo a credit evaluation. You may also be required to deposit a security fee or a payoff of a device payment agreement.
  • You will need to select the features and plan from the currently available offerings by Verizon.
  • Last but not least you will have to agree to the Terms & Conditions set by Verizon. You will also need to fully accept the responsibility for billing on the date of transfer. This includes device payment agreements if they are applicable.

Usually, the customers can use their current numbers after transferring from a family plan to an individual plan. Once the transfer is made, they are billed under their new plan. The process for transferring from family plan to individual is very simple, in case you are the owner of the family plan and you will be the owner of the individual plan.

However, the procedure is a little more complex when you are not the owner of the family plan and you need to transfer it under your name as an individual plan, as mentioned above. In either scenario, you can get further guidance by talking to a customer support representative on the Verizon helpline.

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