Why Is My Viasat Modem Blinking White? (5 Possible Reasons)

why is my viasat modem blinking white

Modems are devices that enhance connectivity and allow users to browse the internet at faster speeds and with higher stability. Whether through wireless networks or Ethernet connections, the quality of your internet time is directly related to the modem’s capacity and features.

Also, pretty much every modem on the market nowadays comes with a series of LED indicators. Their purpose is to allow the user to understand the current status and condition of their internet connection at a glance.

Viasat designs modems that deliver high speeds and enhanced stability to any internet connection. Viasat modems also have LED indicators and they can blink or shine with different lights to let the user know if the connection is having any sort of problem or if it’s up and running.

Most recently, some users have complained of experiencing connection problems as one of the lights flashes white.

If you are also experiencing this problem, stay with us. We brought you today a load of information that should help you further understand the behavior of the LED indicators on your Viasat modem.

Also, through this article, we will walk you through the possible solutions for the error that the white-blinking LED indicator is trying to tell you. So, without further ado, this is what you need to do to fix the problem.

What Does It Mean When My Viasat Modem Is Blinking White?

lights on the modem

Before walking you through the possible solutions for the problem the white color LED indicator is trying to call your attention to, let us better understand the lights on the modem display.

That way, in the event of a future problem, you can get a better hold on the situation and possibly also address it with a more effective solution.

While the Viasat Wi-Fi modem has only one LED indicator at the center of the front panel, some others, like the SurfBeam 2, have four separate ones.

Since most of the complaints are related to the Wi-Fi modem, let’s check what the different colors and blinks on the LED indicator of this model are trying to tell you:

  • No Light: If there is no light on the LED indicator, it means the device is not switched on or has electrical problems. The electrical problems may happen due to weak current, cable damage, or even a faulty power outlet. Simply attempt to plug the modem into a different power outlet to rule out the problems with the cable or the device itself. If the problem persists, contact Viasat customer support and let them know about it so they can send a new modem your way.
  • Solid White: When the LED indicator shines solid white, it means that the device is starting up. This is a standard behavior that should happen every time you plug the modem into a power outlet.
  • Solid Blue: If the LED indicator is shining blue, the device is informing you that the connection with Viasat’s servers has been successfully established and that you are ready to use the internet. Expect that kind of behavior anytime you are accessing the internet.
  • Pulsing Blue: The LED indicator should blink in blue when the device’s firmware is being updated. Since Viasat modems usually have an auto-update feature, this can happen at any time – even while you’re online. Having an updated firmware version allows users to enjoy faster and more stable navigation. However, if the device suggests an update while you are still connected and you cannot stop at the moment, you can simply set it to perform the update at a later time.
  • Pulsing Orange: The LED indicator should blink orange during the installation process. This can happen if you are connecting the modem to a different device and the connection has to be established from scratch.
  • Solid Red: If the LED indicator is shining solid red, this means the device needs a reboot. This can happen after updating procedures or anytime the cache gets too full. It is a way the device has to inform you it needs a breather. So, give it a restart and resume normal service afterward from a fresh starting point.
  • Pulsing Red: In the event that the LED indicator blinks in red, immediately contact Viasat customer support as that is the device trying to tell you there is something extremely wrong with it. Also, while the red light is blinking, you shouldn’t get a connection with Viasat servers, which means no internet time for you.
  • Pulsing White: If the LED indicator is blinking in white colour, it means the device is undergoing the connection procedure with Viasat servers. This procedure should last less than a minute. If it is taking too long to change into the blue solid light, there may be something wrong with the process.

These are the different colours and behaviours of the LED indicators on the front panel of the Viasat Wi-Fi modem. In case the blinking light is persisting, there are some things you can attempt to help the device properly establish the connection with Viasat servers.

As you will notice, the solutions we brought you today don’t require any particularly high level of tech expertise. So, put on your best tech mindset and attempt the fixes below to help your Viasat modem get rid of whatever problem it is facing.

1. Make Sure The Modem Is Plugged Into The Power Outlet

Modem Is Plugged Into The Power Outlet

First things first, the problem may be happening due to a lack of power. It may sound unlikely to happen, but it actually does, and more often than we would think.

So, make sure the modem is plugged into the power outlet and also that the power cable is tightly fastened to the port on the back of the device. If that doesn’t solve the problem, get the cable tested and, if it still persists, check the power grid of the room.

2. Check The Condition Of The Cables And Connectors

Condition Of The Cables And Connectors

Most people don’t realise that cables and connectors are as important to an internet connection as the signal itself.

As they don’t give much attention to the condition of these components, upon experiencing a connection problem, they tend to automatically assume the source of the problem lies with the software.

However, the cause may be a simple power issue that may be handled easily, or even prevented by a periodical inspection of the cables and connectors.

The coaxial cable

The coaxial cable, the one responsible for transmitting the signal into the modem, also plays a key role in the performance of the connection. So, also make sure this cable is in perfect condition both inside and outside.

In the event you notice any sort of damage to the cables or connectors, have them replaced. Repaired cables and connectors rarely deliver the same level of performance and they usually add up to a tiny part of the overall cost of the connection setup.

3. Check For Outages

maintenance or even experiences failures

As it goes, a problem with the connection procedure may also be caused by an error or malfunction on the provider’s side. It is not so rare that their equipment undergoes maintenance or even experiences failures.

In these cases, it may happen that the signal is not properly transmitted and the connection with the server is rendered null.

Gladly, most providers, and Viasat is also included in this list, have profiles on social media platforms where they inform users of scheduled maintenance or outages. Normally, they even give an estimated time for the repair.

So, take a look at their social media profiles to see if the source of the problem is not with them, rather than on your side.

4. Inspect The Coaxial Outlet

replace the wall outlet

The coaxial wall outlet is the port from which the coaxial cable that comes from the satellite enters the room. Sometimes, it may happen that the cable or the wall outlet suffers damage due to rodents, insects, drywall peeling, or even simply the normal decay over time.

In any of these cases, the best solution is to replace the wall outlet and make sure there is nothing wrong with the cable that is coming from the satellite and going into the room.

5. Give The Modem A Reset

Condition Of The Cables And Connectors

Resets are more effective troubleshooting techniques than most people know. Even some tech gurus fail to acknowledge its importance in maintaining the device’s system at peak performance.

However, they are all wrong! The reset procedure does a lot to keep the system running at its best and it is recommended that you do it periodically.

To perform a reset, simply unplug the Viasat modem from the power outlet and let it rest for a minute or two before plugging it back into the outlet.

And that’s it! With a bit of luck, this should have been enough to get you back online. If not, we’re afraid you’re going to have to get in touch with customer service.

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