4 Ways To Fix Welcome To Verizon Wireless Error

welcome to verizon wireless error
welcome to verizon wireless error

Verizon is one of the largest cellular service companies in the US. They have an ever-increasing devoted customer base. One of the reasons for their popularity is their exceptional quality of service and excellent coverage. However, like many other companies within todays digital led world, their systems will sometimes experience bugs and errors.

One of the most frustrating faults is when a customer attempts to make a call and receives an automated voice message stating “welcome to Verizon wireless. Your call cannot be completed, please check the number and try again.”

Within this article we will examine the way to troubleshoot some of these issues and hopefully help you eradicate these problems next time they occur.

How To Fix Welcome Verizon Wireless Error

1. Try a different number

Try a different number

First, try calling a different number. This will identify whether the issue is specific to the number you are trying to call, or if there is a larger issue with your phone. The nature of your problem may affect which of the next steps you decide to try next.

2. Can We Eliminate Welcome Verizon Wireless Error Through Deleting Dialled Number?

Can We Eliminate Welcome Verizon Wireless Error Through Deleting Dialled Number

There is nothing more frustrating or potentially damaging than needing to make an important call, possibly business related, yet not being able to make your call connect. Occasionally, this issue can occur because you have the same number saved more than once in your phone which can cause the phone to malfunction or corrupt the data on your phone.

To check if this is the case, go to the phone log keypad, input the number and it should show you any entries for this number within your directory. If there are multiple entries, delete all but one of the records and try again to complete the call.

Therefore, to make it correct again, go to the phone log, and write the number. All the entries having the same number will be on your skin. Then delete all the entries, go back to your call log, now delete the call log, and redial the number. In this way, you will find the error is no more there in your phone, and now you may complete the communication.

If this doesn’t work, you can try to input the number manually and see if the call will go through this way. If this is the case, it would indicate there is a problem with the data within your phone. It may be that you need to get your device looked at if you don’t get a resolution through the further steps below.

3. Does Reboot The Phone Kill Welcome Verizon Error?

Does Reboot The Phone Kill Welcome Verizon Error

As with many technology issues, it is always worth trying to do a reset to see if this will resolve your problem. It will depend on your phone model as to how this works.

Usually, it will be that you either hold down the power button until your reset options come up, or press and hold the power button until your device switches off. Hopefully this will fix your issue. If not, try the step below.

4. Can I Undo Welcome Verizon Wireless Error Through Phone Settings?

Can I Undo Welcome Verizon Wireless Error Through Phone Settings

The final option you can try is to adjust your phone settings. Go to your phone’s settings and select connections. Tap on mobile networks and pick network mode LTE/CDMA.

This should be pre-set to ‘global’. Once you have changed this setting, you should reset your phone. Hopefully, at this point, you should be able to make the call without any further issue.

The Last Word

To sum up, hopefully one of the steps above will resolve your problem. However, if this doesn’t work there may be a more significant issue with either your device or with your network provider.

If so, you will need to contact them in the first instance and ask their advice. When you speak to someone be sure to let them know all the steps you have already tried.

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