5 Ways To Fix Verizon PSP Connection Problem

verizon psp connection problem
verizon psp connection problem

We all have heard the name of Verizon. They are one of the best service providers in not only the US but all over the world with multiple services including WiFi, Cellular network, Landline phones, Cable TV, and much more. Verizon is known for its best packages, a complete utilizable offer to cover all the needs of your home or office from a single vendor and you will not need to look out for multiple options or manage multiple connections and subscriptions.

Verizon is a top choice for you to have internet services no matter if you want them for your personal use at your home or corporate connection at your office. Millions of people are using Verizon internet and are pretty much satisfied with it. To understand the Verizon PSP connection problem, let’s have a look at what PSP is and how it works.


PSP stands for Portable Play Station. It is a portable device by Sony that allows you to not only play games but has tons of features including internet connectivity, multimedia support, and a lot more. PSP got its popularity widely at the beginning of the 2000s and was considered the most powerful, handheld gaming device and multimedia player.

Including all these cool features, PSP also allows you to connect with the internet via WiFi to download your favorite games, play games online, stream videos and browse the internet. However, it does not support multiple frequency connectivity and does not support most WPA2 routers that are most common in the current time and are used by Verizon for optimal connectivity.

If you are facing some errors in the connection with connecting your PSP to your Verizon WiFi router, you can most certainly take the following steps to solve the problem for you.

Ways To Fix Verizon PSP Connection Problem

1. Switch your router settings to WPA from WPA2

Most routers that are around these days carry WPA2 encryption that is more secure and advanced than WPA. Hence, the PSP is sometimes unable to connect with the internet if your Verizon router is on WPA2 encryption. Multiple router models in the market will allow you to step down your encryption settings and allow you to choose WPA instead of WPA2 on your router. You will simply need to access the router settings and change the encryption on that.

2. Ask Verizon for assistance

It is also possible that Verizon might not have allowed you access to the router admin panel due to obvious security risks or some policies in your area. You will need to call them and ask them to troubleshoot the issue for you and they will be able to get the best possible encryption for you that would work with your PSP so you can enjoy an optimal gaming experience.

3. Change your router

If the router from Verizon does not come with the option to change your encryption settings, you will need to consider changing your router. You can ask Verizon to give you a router that would allow these setting changes or can get a third-party router yourself to have the encryption settings changed for your WiFi. Be mindful that Verizon might not allow any other WiFi router and you will need to ask for authorization on this from Verizon before you attempt any such thing.

4. Check your PSP Settings

There are also possibilities that you might be getting some issue due to the networking settings on your PSP and it might be the sole reason that you are not being able to connect with Verizon internet over your PSP. You need to check all the settings thoroughly and it would be great if you reset them to factory settings for better performance on your PSP.

5. Update the Firmware

You also might not be able to connect to the internet due to the fact that your Firmware might be outdated and you will need to have it updated to the latest version to have it connected with the Verizon internet smoothly. Please update the firmware through PSP settings if it allows you to or have the stock firmware installed by connecting your PSP to a PC for it to work smoothly with the Verizon internet without causing any connectivity errors.

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