Safe Mode With Networking No Internet: 5 Fixes

safe mode with networking no internet
safe mode with networking no internet

In the first place, the safe mode with networking no internet issue is associated with the Windows. This is because when the Windows device is rebooted into safe mode, the internet connection stops working. In some cases, the internet connection is disabled. If you are struggling with a similar issue, we have the troubleshooting methods in this article!

Safe Mode With Networking No Internet

1) Run The Troubleshooter

To begin with, you can try running the troubleshooter because it can resolve the majority of internet connection issues. In addition, the troubleshooter will resolve the network-related issues. For running the troubleshooter, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • In the search bar of the computer, type in troubleshooting
  • Now, tap on the network and internet option
  • Click on the internet connection
  • Now, run the troubleshooter from the options
  • The on-screen prompts will appear, so follow them, and the network issue will be resolve

2) WLAN Service

When it comes down to people using Wi-Fi, the users need to boot the computer in safe mode with the network without compromising on the internet connection. However, it demands the users to activate the WLAN Service. For activating the WLAN service, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Type in Windows and R key on the computer system
  • Then, type in services.msc on in the field and press the OK button
  • Check for the WLAN service and run it

3) Network Configuration

When you want to ensure that Windows runs in a safe mode with a network but with zero internet issues, the users need to be mindful of the network configuration. In particular, it will work only if you are using the wireless connection 802.11. In addition to wireless 802.11, it also works with wired ethernet. So, if the wireless protocol on the device is any different from 802.11, there will be internet issues.

4) Drivers

People using Windows 10, need to make sure that the network drivers are updated on the system. Similarly, if the drivers aren’t updated in Windows 10, the internet issues will incur with safe mode in networking. That being said, the users need to look for the driver updates and download them on the computer.

The users can use third-party software for scanning the driver updates. Once the drivers are updated, the internet connection will be streamlined. In addition to installing the updated and latest drivers, the users must install the drivers in the compatibility mode. Once the drivers are launched in compatibility mode, there won’t be networking or internet issues.

5) Boot Up

In case you need to run the device in safe mode with networking without any internet connection issues, you must follow the correct boot-up steps. The boot-up steps include the following;

  • Open the charms bar on the computer by moving the arrow to the top-right corner on the screen
  • Open the settings and tap on the power option
  • Now, press the shift key and hit the restart button
  • The PC will reboot, and you need to load the advanced start-up menu
  • Then, choose the troubleshoot button and hit the advanced options
  • Tap on the startup settings and hit the restart button
  • At last, just hit the F5 button and choose “enable safe mode with networking.”
  • As a result, the computer will switch on in safe mode with networking but won’t have internet issues!

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