FrontPoint Safe Home Slow Internet: 6 Ways To Fix

frontpoint safe home slow internet
frontpoint safe home slow internet

The security systems have become essential for every home and space because they help keep an eye on the surroundings and potential intrusions. That being said, the users often complain about FrontPoint Safe Home slow internet issue. With this article, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods if you are struggling with slow internet!

FrontPoint Safe Home Slow Internet

1) Camera Power

Truth be told, the camera power plays a role in optimizing the internet connection. For instance, if the camera has low power or battery, it will result in slow internet issues. That being said, the users need to ensure that the camera has full battery life. On the contrary, if your camera uses direct power, you need to ensure that the camera is properly plugged in.

2) Reboot

A reboot is one of the reliable troubleshooting methods for people who have slow internet issues. That being said, the users need to reboot FrontPoint Safe Home as well as the Wi-Fi router. In the first place, the users need to take off the power jack of the camera and wait for around five minutes before you plug it in. Once you plug in the power jack, the power will be restored.

Secondly, you need to reboot the router because it will refresh the internet signals. For this reason, you need to take out the power cord of the router. After five minutes, push in the power cable again and wait for it to establish the connection. As a result, the refreshed internet will connect to the camera. As a result, the slow internet issue will be resolved.

3) Reset

To begin with, we are talking about resetting FrontPoint Safe Home. For this reason, you need to hit the reset button and the LED will start flashing green. You need to press the reset button until the LED turns solid red and it will switch off. Once the LED goes off, take your finger off the reset button and it will switch on within ten to twenty seconds. When it switches, the slow internet issue will be fixed.

4) Batteries

When the batteries of your FrontPoint Safe Home are not in optimal shape, it will lead to connection intrusions. As a result, you will face slow internet issues. That being said, the users need to take out the batteries and make sure they are recharged. If you are using rechargeable batteries, you need to charge up the batteries and add them again. Once the battery issue is fixed, the slow internet will be fixed.

5) Range

First of all, we are talking about the camera being in the range of your wireless connection. This is because when FrontPoint Safe Home is installed outside the range of the wireless routers, it can lead to weak internet signals. In this case, the users need to ensure that the distance between the security system and router is the least. That being said, you need to move the router closer to the camera. However, if you cannot move the router, we suggest that you invest in the network extender.

6) Proper Connection

The users need to ensure that the FrontPoint Safe Home and router have a stable connection. For the users who have recently changed the location of the Wi-Fi router, they will need to create the connection again. First of all, you can use the access point mode for connecting. With the access point mode, the camera will be set to broadcast the temporary wireless network. It helps set up and connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Secondly, the connection can be ensured through Wi-Fi Protected Setup, which is commonly termed as WPS. This is the most standard method of setting up the wireless network. However, the majority of Wi-Fi routers disable WPS. So, you can switch on the WPS and connect FrontPoint Safe Home. On the contrary, if you are unable to connect your computer through a wireless connection, the ethernet cable connection can be utilized as well.

The bottom line is that the troubleshooting methods from this article must help fix the slow internet issue. On the contrary, if you are unable to fix this issue, we suggest that you call the customer support of FrontPoint. This is because they can troubleshoot the device and streamline the connection. Also, they will be able to determine the mechanical issues that might be causing connectivity issues.

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