Mediacom DNS Server Not Responding: 5 Fixes

mediacom dns server not responding
mediacom dns server not responding

Mediacom is a service provider famous for its TV, internet, and phone plans that make it suitable for different users at a time. On the contrary, the Mediacom DNS server not responding can cause internet connectivity issues. In this case, we have outlined the easy fixes that will help streamline the internet connections.

Mediacom DNS Server Not Responding

1) Reset

To begin with, the users should start by restarting the router. While restarting the router, it is suggested to keep the power cable plugged out for a few minutes. After some minutes, you can plug in the power cable and it will optimize the internet connection. On the other hand, if restarting the router doesn’t work, you can try resetting the router.

For resetting the router to the default settings, press the reset button with the sharp pin or paper clip for ten seconds. It will reset the router and the default settings will be restored. In addition to this, you can also open the configuration web page of the router and hit the reset button there for web-based reset. All in all, reset should fix the error.

2) IP Address Reset & DNS Cache

When it comes down to using the Mediacom routers and services and struggling with an unresponsive DNS servicer, you will need to reset the IP address and clear the DNS cache. For this reason, you need to add ipconfig and netsh to the command prompts. Once you change the commands in the command prompt, don’t forget to run it as administrator for a promising outcome.

3) Safe Mode

While using Mediacom, you can try using the computer in safe mode for resolving the unresponsive DNS server issue. For this reason, safe mode is the diagnostic startup of the Windows and helps access limited access to Windows if the computer is not working optimally. When you switch on your computer in safe mode, it will troubleshoot the DNS server issues.

Also, keep in mind that safe mode is only available with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. If the computer works fine after starting it in safe mode, you have third-party apps installed that are causing such errors because they can interfere with the DNS.

4) Drivers

For people using Mediacom for their internet and network connectivity needs, they need to ensure that the system is curated with the latest network adapter drivers. Keep in mind that unresponsive DNS server issues can be caused by incorrect or outdated drivers. For this purpose, you can download Snappy Driver Installer on your computer.

As a result, it will scan the computer and network adapter drivers. If the updates are available, it will automatically download the drivers, hence better internet connectivity. Also, while the driver updates are downloading, do ensure the availability of a stable and high-speed internet connection.

5) ISP

If following the troubleshooting methods from this article didn’t help resolve the unresponsive DNS server issues, it is best that you call the internet service provider. The internet service provider can check if something wrong with their servers and troubleshoot it for your ease.

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