Skype Internet Connection Problem Even Internet Is Fine: 6 Fixes

skype internet connection problem even internet is fine
skype internet connection problem even internet is fine

Skype has become the ultimate app for people who like videoconferencing and has become the preferred choice of people who work remotely. It’s safe to say that Skype has been around for quite a long time now, but the issues don’t go away.

For instance, they are still complaining about the Skype internet connection problem even internet is fine. If you have the same issue, we are sharing the solutions with you!

Skype Internet Connection Problem Even Internet Is Fine

1) Skype Version

It’s an established fact that Skype is an old platform and needs regular updates to work properly. However, users tend to be lazy about downloading the updates.

That being said, we suggest that you check the App Store and update the app if an update has been launched. The update is suitable for fixing the bugs that might be causing the connectivity issues.

In addition, we suggest that you set automatic updates for the Skype app to ensure you don’t have any issues in the future!

2) Security Software

Security software and apps have become an essential part of every device because people are concerned about cyber threats. In case you are struggling with the internet connection problem, even if the internet is fine, there are chances that your security software or app is blocking the app.

In that case, it’s better to disable the security software or app temporarily to get connected to the app. In addition, if you are using Skype on Windows PC, you have to disable the firewall settings as well.

3) VPN

We understand that you want to stay safe and anonymous on the internet, but Skype doesn’t work with VPN connections. For instance, if the device is connected to VPN, you won’t be able to connect the Skype calls (it has been backed by Skype technical experts as well). So, we suggest that you disconnect from the VPN, and you will be able to fix the Skype connections.

4) Proxy Server

For people who are connected to the internet connection through the proxy server, you will have issues in connecting the Skype calls (video and audio). However, this issue can be fixed by verifying the internet settings with the network administrator.

When the internet settings are verified, connect to the Skype calls again, and you won’t have internet connection issues.

5) Skype Web

In case you are using the Skype app on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, there are chances that the app is not working properly. In that case, we suggest that you use the Skype web because you won’t have to struggle with app-related issues.

There is a Skype extension available for Google Chrome as well, so why not just shift to Skype web?

6) Skype Functionality

The last step to fix the Skype connectivity is verifying the functionality. This is because there are chances that the Skype server is down and/or has outages. For checking the server or outage issue, check the Twitter page of Skype as they provide the updates there.

If the server is down or has an outage, just wait till Skype fixes the server outage.

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