PS5 Internet Connection Issues: 10 Ways To Troubleshoot

ps5 internet connection issues
ps5 internet connection issues

PS5 is the latest gaming console, and it’s needless to say that PS5 has become an absolute hit. To be honest, it’s pretty evident since every gamer is buying PS5, and some are in queues. On the contrary, there are some PS5 internet connection issues that are bugging the users. For this reason, we are sharing the solutions with you, so you can game without any connectivity issues.

PS5 Internet Connection Issues

Before we start outlining the solutions to fix the internet connection issues, you need to understand the different causes behind internet connectivity issues. Generally, internet connection issues occur if the PS5 is placed too far away from the internet or if there are interfering devices.

In addition, it can be caused by errors by the router, modem, or the internal hardware of PS5. To be honest, there can be other reasons as well, but these are the common ones. Now, are you ready to look at the solutions?

1) Wi-Fi Password

Whenever an internet connection issue occurs with PS5, it is essential to confirm the Wi-Fi password and make sure the password is correct. This solution tends to work when you are setting up the wireless connection with the console, and it won’t connect.

The users need to ensure that they are entering the correct password of the internet network. In case you are still using the default password, you can find it from the bottom of the internet router or modem. However, if you changed the password, enter that and make sure it’s accurate.

2) Reboot The PS5

If you are already using the right Wi-Fi password, the next solution is to reboot the PS5. In case you don’t know how to reboot the PS5, the guidelines will be available in the manual. However, it can be rebooted by switching off PS5 and turning it back on after five minutes.

Also, make sure that you switch off the PS5 because some people just put it in the rest mode. When the PS5 switches on after the reboot and connect it to the internet and see if it works.

3) Reboot The Modem & Router

It doesn’t matter if your internet connection is streamed through a modem and/or router; you need to reboot these devices. This is because there are chances of internet errors from the router/modem’s end that can be fixed with a reboot.

The reboot instructions are similar to PS5 rebooting instructions. To illustrate, just switch off the modem and router and switch them on after a few minutes. When these devices switch on, connect your PS5 console to the internet. In addition, we suggest that you unplug the cables and plug them back in (tightly).

4) Distance Of PS5 From The Router

For people who have placed the internet router too far away from the PS5, it can result in weak internet signals, hence the network connectivity issues. For this reason, you need to change the location or position of your router and make it closer to the router.

When the router and PS5 are placed closer to each other, the internet signals will be strong. In addition to changing the router position, you need to remove interferences like wireless devices and thick walls.

5) Network Channel

The network channel plays an essential role in optimizing internet speed and network connectivity. We are saying this because if one network channel is occupied or has immense traffic, it can slow down your internet. For this reason, you need to change the network channel of your internet connection, and it will help the internet connection speed. For instance, if you are using a 2.4 GHz network channel, just switch to 5 GHz, and vice versa.

6) DNS Settings

In case the internet connection issue is related to the DNS error, you need to change the DNS settings on the PS5 console. For changing the DNS settings, you need to open the network tab from the settings and open the network settings.

The next step is to tap on “set up the network/internet connection” and press the manual option. From this tab, click on the Use Wi-Fi option and move to DNS. The primary DNS must be set to, while the secondary DNS should be Lastly, just press the done button and connect your console to the internet again.

7) Reset The Router

In case the internet connection is related to the network, you have to opt for the hard reset. Hard resetting the router will reset the router to the default settings. In addition, you will need to set the network information, so opt for the reset.

The router can be reset by pushing the reset button on the router (it’s a small button that must be pushed with the pin or needle). When the router is reset, enter the internet settings and connect your PS5 to the internet.

8) Reset The PS5

If you have reset the router, but the internet still won’t work, we suggest that you reset the PS5. The console can be restored to factory and default settings. In addition, the factory reset of the PS5 will clear off the memory, so make sure that you save the data or other information. On the other hand, you will need to download the apps and games again to make sure the connectivity is streamlined.

9) Ethernet Connection

For people who are still struggling with the internet connection issue, why don’t you ditch the wireless connection and shift to the ethernet connection? The wired internet connection has high-quality internet signals. For the most part, the ethernet connection is faster than a wireless connection.

10) Hardware Issues

In the majority of cases, the internet connectivity can be tampered with due to hardware issues in PS5. Since PS5 is still a new console, we are certain that you have a warranty available. So, it is better that you call Sony and share this issue with them. They are likely to offer fixing services, but if they determine a severe issue, there are chances that they will offer a replacement.

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