Sony Bravia Turns On Then Shuts Off: 6 Fixes

sony bravia turns on then shuts off
sony bravia turns on then shuts off

Sony products are of renowned quality and that is no surprise. Their top-line devices figure amongst the best ones in the market nowadays. Their TV sets line comprises outstanding products, like the Bravia series.

With highly advanced technology and top-tier technologies, they take a big share of the marker as they sit comfortably on the top of sales.

Sony Bravia TVs are not free from issues

However, even with all the technology and quality, Sony Bravia TVs are not free from issues. Many users have reported that the device experiences issues every now and then.

Even though most of the problems have easy fixes, users are constantly trying to reach the information they need in order to get the issues out of the way. Most recently they have been seeking fixes for an issue that is causing their TVs to simply switch off.

But before we jump into the fixes for that issue, let us walk you through the main problems users report to experience with their Sony Bravia TVs.

What Are The Common Issues Sony Bravia TVs Experience?

What Are The Common Issues Sony Bravia TVs Experience

As mentioned above, Sony Bravia TVs undergo a few issues every now and then. With a quick look into other brands users can realise this is not a particular feature of Sony, since all other manufacturers also have to deal with issues with their TV sets.

So, in order to help you further understand what to expect when purchasing a Sony Bravia TV, here is what you should know regarding the main issues:

  • TV Has No Power: this issue affects the power system of the TV and is mostly caused by malfunctioning power outlets. Checking the conditions of the power outlet and cords might solve the problem.
  • TV Restarts On Its Own: this issue causes the TV to simply reboot at a given moment. Although users cannot identify what is causing the problem, most of the time, an update of the device firmware solves the issue.
  • LED Lights Keep Flashing On The Display: this issue has a larger range of outcomes, as the LED lights on the display relate to different functions of the device. The LED associated to that issue is most commonly the power one and users found ways to fix the problem by updating the firmware. It has also been reported to relate to a lack of compatibility with certain devices, so checking the third-party gadgets connected to the TV might solve the issue.
  • Missing Channels Or Signal Instability: this issue affects the picture aspect of the TV. According to users, the programme simply stops displaying images or they get extremely pixeled. Tweaking the settings, especially the signal tunning might solve the problem. The signal calibration may be found on the TV settings, where users scroll through the frequency bands to find the most effective.

These are the most common issues Sony Bravia TVs experience. As you can see, most of the fixes are easy to perform and bear no chance of harming the equipment.

So, if you are considering buying a Sony Bravia TV, or already has one, these are the most common problems you should face.

Now, getting to the main point of this article, let us walk you through the easy fixes you can attempt in case you are experiencing the switching off issue with your Sony Bravia TV.

How To Fix Sony Bravia Turns On Then Shuts Off?

  1. Make Sure The Remote Is Properly Working

Make Sure The Remote Is Properly Working

The most reported cause for the switching off issue with Sony Bravia TVs is simply a malfunction on the remote control. Since these gadgets can undergo a series of different problems, you will have to perform a full check of its features to ensure it is properly working.

Start by giving it a good clean and ensuring there is no dust, debris or moisture accumulated on or nearby any buttons, especially the power button. Then, check the batteries have enough charge and are not too old. Should they be there long enough, make sure to get new ones.

Secondly, there is a chance your Sony Bravia TV is switching off on its own due to a synchronisation problem between the remote control and the TV itself.

Go to Sony official webpage and, in the technical support area, get the details on how to perform the sync. Go through the procedure and ensure your remote is properly configured to work with your TV set.

  1. Make Sure The Timer Is Not On

Make Sure The Timer Is Not On

Even though this fix sounds too plain to actually happen, it does occur more frequently than users would like to admit.

Many times users activate the timer, especially in the evenings when they just want to watch something before falling asleep and don’t want the TV running all night long.

What usually happens is that they forget to deactivate the function afterwards and, as the feature works by switching off the TV at the moment it is set to, the device is turned off.

Therefore, make sure the timer function is not set to the time you are enjoying your entertainment sessions with your Sony Bravia TV and the device shouldn’t switch off on its own.

  1. Give The TV A Power Cycle

Give The TV A Power Cycle

Software problems and minor bugs might get fixed when your Sony Bravia TV is undergoing its restarting diagnostics and protocols. It has been proven that power cycling electronic devices only brings good consequences.

So, go ahead and give your Sony Bravia TV a power cycle by simply unplugging the power cord from the outlet and letting it rest for a good ten to fifteen minutes.

As the TV system performs all the restarting tasks, these minor issues are addressed and that might mean the cause of the switching off issue may get taken out of the picture.

  1. Check Cables, Connectors And Outlets

Check Cables, Connectors And Outlets

Cables, connectors and outlets are as important to a TV as the signal itself. No matter how strong and stable the satellite signal might be if the cable is not firmly attached. The result will rarely vary if a connection is properly established.

So, make sure to keep your cables, connectors and outlets in perfect condition and, should you notice any sort of damage to any of the components, get a replacement. Repaired cables or connectors rarely deliver the same level of performance as new ones, and they add up to a minimal part of the TV cost.

Secondly, ensure all the cables are firmly attached to the correct ports, as a poorly established connection should deliver poor transmission quality and even cause your Sony Bravia TV to switch off on its own.

  1. Make Sure The Firmware Is Updated

Manufacturers, upon the launching of a new device, can rarely know what kind of issues their products will experience later on. What they can, and in fact do, is release fixes the problems they find out about along the way.

These fixes usually come in the form of updates, and they mostly attack configuration and compatibility issues. So, keeping your device’s system updated helps to ensure your Sony Bravia TV is working at its top performance.

Reach the system settings through the main menu and access the ‘search for updates’ option. Give the system a moment to look for updates on official sources and, should there be one, download and install it.

After the whole procedure is successfully completed, the device should prompt you to restart it. In case the system doesn’t prompt you, make sure to give the TV a restart anyway. That way you can be sure the new features are enabled.

  1. Contact Customer Support

consider contacting their customer support department

In the event you attempt all the fixes above and still experience the switching off issue on your Sony Bravia TV, you might want to consider contacting their customer support department. They employ highly trained professional technicians that are used to dealing with all sorts of problems.

That means the odds they have some extra ideas on how to get the issue fixed are pretty high. Also, should their ideas be too hard for your level of tech expertise, you can always schedule a technical visit and have these professionals deal with the problem on your behalf.

Finally, should you come across other easy ways to get rid of the switching off issue with Sony Bravia TVs, make sure to let us know. Leave a message in the comments section and save your fellow readers some headaches down the road.

Also, with every piece of feedback our community is growing and getting stronger. So, don’t be shy and tell us all about what you found out!

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  1. Sony kd55x720e. We turn it on then within 3 seconds of the screen turning on it shuts off. It does this 3 times then it won’t do nothing till you unplug it and plug it in

    • Same exact behavior here! I’m about to box it up. Did fine for four years. None of the YouTube fixes have worked on this set. I’d really like to hear from a tech to narrow down the issues. There appears to be no problem on the panel. I do get to HDMI display before it reboots. The error red light blinks in sets of 6.

  2. Tom, based on what im seeing/reading 6 blinking menas the LEDs are going bad and may need replacing. Costs $20. I already replaced power supply so I don’t wanna sink too much more in though

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