How To Disable Call Waiting On Verizon

verizon disable call waiting
verizon disable call waiting

Verizon is one of the best network providers across the US and there are no second thoughts or opinions about it. They have a strong network that means you get better to call quality, better signal strength, better connectivity, and better speed of the internet no matter where you are in the US. Verizon has grown to be one of the largest cellular network carriers and people are rushing over to use their services. But that is not the best part of them.

Verizon is offering plenty of features for their consumers that would make them a favorite option for most of the people out there and these features are making Verizon’s popularity grown exponentially. Some of the cool features that make Verizon irresistible are


We need convenience in our busy lives and don’t want to have a mess with our network carrier every other day. Verizon has solved the problem for you and you get a mobile application that allows you full control of your Verizon account. You can manage not only yours but all the accounts in your family and also pay bills for your TV, internet, and cellphones all in one place. You also get to set the usage limits and alerts so you can be notified about the usage of resources under your plan on any of the numbers in your family network.


Verizon offers some of the most affordable overall packages in the US that are unbeatable in terms of pricing by any other network carrier. These packages and deals offer you the right value for your bucks and you get to enjoy a faster, smoother carrier with most affordable rates that are not going to put a dent on your wallet.


The network quality of Verizon is one of the main reasons that it has grown to be the favorite network for consumers in the US. They are offering you the best quality services including speed of internet, connectivity all over the US, and a lot more. This makes them the right choice for you if you want to have your hands on the most premium service out there with affordability and efficiency under one package. Verizon network has been tested for its optimal performance across the US.


There are tons of features that are offered by Verizon that can help you make your experience better and you can enjoy more liberty with your choices on your phone and how you want it to work. They are offering you multiple features including usage alerts, text reminders, and call options to make your life easier.

One such feature is the call forwarding feature that is offered by Verizon and you can easily enable/disable the feature for your number.

Disable Call Waiting On Verizon

Call waiting is the feature that will put any call on your number on hold if you are busy on another call. This means, that you will never have to lose another call if you have turned the feature on. You can choose to put one call on hold and take the other call or cut the call at your own leisure. You can also choose to send them a personalized message if you have call waiting on. If you have the call waiting off, the other person will get the notification that you are busy, and they will not be able to connect with you until you are free from the first call. The feature works magic and most people like to have it on their network but if you want to disable it, here is how

Accessing the Verizon Dashboard

Verizon dashboard is the control panel for your mobile network and it contains all the controls that allow you full control over your network. All you have to is access the dashboard and click on my account. This will show all the numbers on Verizon that are linked to your account so you can access them easily. You will need to select the number that you want to turn the call waiting feature off for and click on the call waiting option. Once you have clicked on call waiting, it will show you the remove option if it is activated on your number already. You can click on remove and save changes and call forwarding will be disabled from your Verizon number.

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