How To Disable Call Waiting On Verizon

verizon disable call waiting
verizon disable call waiting

One of the top three telecommunications giants in the U.S., Verizon delivers outstanding quality of signal to their subscribers. Although present pretty much everywhere in the national, the company seeks even higher status.

This movement is made clear by the noticeable ethos of constant improvement the company promotes. Their enormous coverage area cuts through the U.S., most of Mexico, and almost all Canada, delivering high-quality strong mobile signal to subscribers’ devices.

That is easily explained when one gets to the difficult task of counting Verizon’s antennas in these areas.

Surely, most people don’t actually run a thorough check before opting for a mobile carrier. For that matter, price is usually either the dealmaker or the breaker.

What most people don’t seem to take into account is the set of advantages each carrier offers aside from the affordable prices. So, let us walk you through some of the remarkable advantages of having Verizon as your mobile carrier.

Why Choose Verizon?

Why Choose Verizon

There are several reasons why customers switch to Verizon’s plans and end up spending years before even considering changing carriers. Amongst these reasons are convenience, affordability, quality and other features.

So, without further ado, here are some of the reasons why Verizon sits on the top positions in the business:

What About The Convenience?

What About The Convenience

Every customer in the world would like to have full control of their mobile service features in the palm of their hands, right? That was exactly the mindset of Verizon when they developed My Verizon, the app that promises to deliver a whole new level of control you’re your telecommunications service.

Features such as secure payment and auto-pay, allied with a reward system, make users feel safe to make payments. They can also subscribe to new plans or take on offers, all the while scoring points that land them even further discounts.

Customers that have bundle signatures can keep track of their internet and TV features, manage the bills and set up alerts for data usage.

On top of all that, the app also allows users to purchase mobiles, network equipment, wearables and smart devices with a 24-hour delivery system that matches the best retailers in the world.

What About The Affordability?

What About The Affordability

Affordability is not an issue for Verizon’s customers. With 5G mobile plans starting from $35/month, the competition has been facing some hard times keeping up with Verizon.

Their bundles also rank amongst the cheapest on the market nowadays, keeping the company in its solid position amongst the top three carriers in number of subscribers.

Additionally, their discount policy reaches first responders, military, nurses and teachers with an up-to $25 off with 2-3 lines on 5G unlimited plans. Students also enjoy discounts for a series of their plans.

That is the way Verizon maintains their presence pretty much everywhere. Think about it, offering outstanding service for low fees is pretty much how you retain customers without going through much trouble at all.

What About The Quality?

What About The Quality

This is absolutely the top reason why users subscribe to Verizon’s mobile plans. The renowned quality of their products and services is definitely one of the key features that keep Verizon relevant.

The numerous antennas and servers spread throughout the whole coverage area ensure the mobile signal is always there and strong no matter where you go with your Verizon mobile.

Winning more than 175 J.D. Power awards, 28 of them being in a row, Verizon’s standards of excellence are a true hallmark of quality in the business.

What About The Features?

What About The Features

Verizon offers customers a large range of features, which seems to suit whatever sort of demands they might have. With features ranging from $20 international calls and plans overviews all the way through package upgrades, customers enjoy a series of benefits on every plan.

Apart from that, Verizon’s plans also offer usage alerts, text reminders and call options, all to make your life even easier. However, the most controversial feature amongst Verizon subscribers still seems to be the call waiting function.

According to the company’s representants, the feature can be easily enabled or disabled, depending on the kind of use subscribers wish to have. Still, a great deal of customers has been seeking help in online forums and Q&A communities in the attempt of finding ways to deactivate the feature.

How To Do Verizon Disable Call Waiting?

The call waiting feature was first designed to prevent users from missing calls. Prior to the advent of this feature, whenever a user had an incoming call during another one, the system simply wasn’t able to keep the incoming one on hold.

This means the connection was broken and the caller had to attempt making the call once again. With the feature, once a call comes in during another one, the system puts the incoming one on hold and signals the user that someone is trying to reach them.

This gives users the choice of taking on the incoming call, or at least informs them of the attempt to contact. Additionally, the caller knows the receiver is being notified of the incoming call, even if they are on another one.

That means, should they hang on long enough, the odds their call is taken increases significantly. Also, should the incoming call be more urgent, the user can opt for hanging up the ongoing call and take the incoming one with a single click.

users can personalise messages

Lastly, users can personalise messages that will be sent to callers that are waiting on the line. Alternatively, should you have the call waiting feature switched off, the person that is attempting to contact you will simply get an automated message saying your line is busy.

This means that person can only contact you once you finish the ongoing call. So, once the important features of the call waiting feature are outlined, you can get to the point where you decide if you wish to use the feature or not. In the event you choose not to use it, here is what you should do.

Should you opt for switching off the call waiting feature, the easiest way to do it is through the Verizon dashboard. The dashboard is the hub where users can control the various features of their Verizon services, such as the call waiting function.

So, access the dashboard and click on ‘My Account’ to see the list of numbers that are linked with your profile. Once you locate and access the number for which you wish to disable the call waiting feature, look for the option and access the settings.

After clicking on the call waiting tab, you will be given the option to switch it off, so simply slide the bar and get the function disabled. Don’t forget to save the changes or else the new configuration might not be enabled and the call waiting feature will still be working. After that, there is nothing else you can do.

Contact Verizon Customer Support

you can always contact Verizon Customer Support representants

As for many other features, services or products, you can always contact Verizon Customer Support representants and get some help on how to make changes to your mobile configuration.

Their highly trained professionals are used to dealing with all sorts of inquiries and issues. This means they will definitely have easy ways for you to enable or disable features. So, go ahead and give them a call if you are having difficulties following the procedure mentioned above.

On a final note, in the event you find out about other easy ways to switch off the call waiting feature on Verizon mobiles, make sure to let us know . Surely, there must be some other completely unknown way to work around this.

Drop a message in the comments section and help our fellow users deal with the function the way that best suits their demands. Also, every piece of feedback helps us grow as a stronger community so, don’t be shy and tell us all about what you found out.

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