4 Ways To Fix Red Light Blinking 10 Times On Panasonic TV

panasonic tv blinking red light 10 times
panasonic tv blinking red light 10 times

Entertainment has become the most important thing for everyone because that’s literally the only thing that helps us unwind, right? So, when the TV starts acting up, there will obviously be frustration. With this being said, if Panasonic TV blinking red light 10 times issue is causing you trouble, there is nothing to worry about because we have got some easy fixes for you!

Panasonic TV Red Light Blinking 10 Times – What Does It Mean?

The prime reason that the red light is blinking ten times on your Panasonic TV is the voltage issue on the DTV, Sub 5V, and Main 3.3V. In addition, the issue can occur due to the tuner power issues as well. So, we are lining out some troubleshooting methods that are highly likely to fix the issue!

1. Heat & Cables

Many people don’t pay heed to this issue but if your Panasonic TV doesn’t have ample airflow, it is not going to work properly. With this being said, make sure that the TV is put at some location that has proper ventilation and airflow. In addition to heat, you need to ensure that the cables are properly installed and are in optimal condition.

As far as the cables are concerned, an HDMI cable is recommended because it promises streamlined TV functionality. Also, if there are damages to the cable, replace the cable!

2. Debris

In case the TV is all cooled down and the airflow is optimum, you need to make sure that the ports and overall unit are clean. There must be no debris and dust around. In this case, you need to take off the Panasonic TV from the console and remove the rear cover. Once the unit is opened up, look for the damages and dust. If there are damaged components, replace it with a new one. On the other hand, if there are dust and debris, clean it up as well.

3. Reset

Once the debris and dust have been cleaned up, you need to install the rear cover again and reset the TV. With this being said, you need to take out the power cords from TV and other devices as well, such as receivers and consoles. Once the TV has been unplugged, press the power button for around twenty seconds and let it rest for sixty minutes.

Then, switch on the TV and put in the power cord again, and switch on the TV. Once the TV is switched on, connect the other devices as well. Once everything is switched on and plugged in, the blinking light issue will be gone.

4. Call Panasonic

If you are unable to fix the blinking red light issue on the Panasonic TV, there are chances that something might be wrong at the backend. With this being said, you can call Panasonic customer support and share the details with them. Consequently, they will either share the troubleshooting tips or send the technician your way.

The technician will be sent to your place and they will have a look at the hardware. If there are some hardware issues, they will fix them by replacing the damaged components and your Panasonic TV will switch on again.

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