3 Ways To Fix Hisense TV Red Light Flashing Issue

Hisense TV Red Light Flashing
Hisense TV Red Light Flashing

Despite technology moving on in leaps and bounds in the last few decades, so many of us still choose to relax and unwind with our old friend; the TV. Sure, we have a lot more control over how we access our content, but that’s the only real difference. 

That, and the quality of the TV itself. These days, we can choose to spend thousands on TVs that offer higher resolutions and extra features. But we don’t necessarily have to fork out the big bucks for a TV that will get the job done.

And that’s precisely where the Hisense brand comes in – in the cheap and cheerful section of the market. They offer pretty much everything you need, packing in the features – albeit with a lower quality res than some of the bigger brands. 

Still, the quality is good enough that most of us can’t really even tell the difference. It takes a highly trained eye to call the colours sub-par. This is not at all bad considering how much you save. 

Better yet, the build quality is actually surprisingly good. Most Hisense customers haven’t had much to complain about. However, there is always the potential for something to go wrong with high tech devices such as these. 

Of these issues, perhaps the most reported is a flashing red light. Seeing as a flashing red light is rarely, if ever, good news, we thought we would put together this little guide to explain the issue and help you get it fixed. 

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Hisense TV Red Light Flashing. How to Fix it

The good news is that there is a decent chance that the red light won’t simply mean that your TV is dead. Below are some fixes that will help more than a few of you get it to work properly again. So, let’s get stuck into it and see what we can do!

1. Try resetting the TV

The annoying thing about the flashing red light is it doesn’t have a single definite cause that we can attribute it to. There are several potential factors that could be causing it. 

So, the best we can do is to give you troubleshooting tips that aim to generally fix the TV. Of these, the most straightforward to do is a simple reset. These are great for clearing out any bugs that could be to blame for the malfunction. 

Before we begin on this one, we do have a warning to give you. If you do this, all of the settings and changes you’ve made to the TV will be wiped out entirely. 

It will put the TV into the exact state it was in when you got it in your home. At least, that’s what the goal is. Basically, if the problem was in any way related to the TV’s configuration files, this will fix it!

  1. The first thing you will need to do is totally remove the power cable from the back of the TV. Then, take out any other wires that have been connected to it. 
  2. Next up, you will need to press in and hold the power button on the TV for around 30 seconds. 
  3. While the TV is doing its thing, you will not need to do anything to help it along. The reset can take as long as 30 minutes to complete. Do not touch it during this time. 
  4. Finally, once enough time has passed, plug in and turn on the TV again.

For quite a few of you, this will have been enough to kill the flashing red light. If so, you can safely begin restoring all of your settings that have been wiped out. If not, we will have to try something else. 

2. Check for damage on the board

Check for damage on the board

The chances are good that if the reset didn’t work that some component or other may have burned out. Contrary to common belief, this can happen pretty easily to any device, regardless of the brand. 

It will happen if the device in question gets a large surge of power that it can’t manage. If you have a novice level of knowledge on how electronic components work and how they should look, you can try and open u the TV to take a look. 

Effectively, wh`at you are looking for is any evidence that a fuse or the mainboard haven’t gotten fried. If they have, the only thing for it is to replace the component in question. Depending on the part and the level of damage, this can end up costing you quite a bit. 

If you are in any way unsure about any of this, the only thing for it is to hand it over to get it looked at. Don’t do anything you are not comfortable doing. The best bet is to send it off to Hisense themselves for repairs. After all, who knows their TV’s better than them?!

3. Consider making a claim on the warranty, if possible

Consider making a claim on the warranty, if possible

The most unfortunate thing about this whole issue is that it is really hard to find a replacement mainboard for a Hisense. More often than not, this will mean that the solution ends up being a full replacement TV. The good news is that your warranty may cover this. Make sure to check that the warranty is still valid and then claim a new TV on it. 

Once you have done that, they will need to see the TV themselves to make sure the damage isn’t the fault of the user. In some cases, they will send someone over to you. For others, you will have to bring the TV to them. In either case, if the fault wasn’t yours, they will likely replace the entire unit for you. 

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  1. Do I plug my Hisense TV back in before I hold the power button for 30 seconds to do the reset on it or do I leave it unplugged

  2. In my case the reason the red light was flashing is because My WiFi router was down. I got my router working and the flashing red light stopped.

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