3 Ways To Fix Red Light Blinks 4 Times On Emerson TV

emerson tv red light blinks 4 times
emerson tv red light blinks 4 times

Emerson TVs are some of the most used TVs in the US and North America and they have been there for quite some time in the market. People just love to have these TVs around and they work out pretty great.

However, if you are having some sort of issues with them like the LED indicator blinking red for 4 times and the TV wouldn’t turn on, that is something to be worried about. Here is all you need to know about the reason behind this and how you can fix this.

Red Light Blinks 4 Times On Emerson TV – What Is The Reason?

Well, the main reason that can cause your LED indicator to blink 4 times and then your TV not turning on definitely means that there is some sort of issues with the power supply not being able to get the right power to your main logic board on the TV and you will need to check on that. A few things that you can do to make it work on your own or have it checked with a technician would be:

1. Clear The Dust On Fans

Well, we all know that power supplies can get pretty heated up and they have a fan of their own to decapitate that heat away from the system. If there is dust on the fans, the fans will not be able to move at the right cycles or the speed. So, what you need to do is clear out the dust on these fans behind your TV using a soft brush. Make sure that you are cleaning the dust while the TV is off and you will be able to make it work. Once you have cleared out the dust, try plugging in the TV back again and then you will be able to make it work and the TV will be working without any issues.

2. Capacitors Issue

There are two capacitors on the main board of Emerson TV that have a known issue and they can fail at times. If you are having any problems of this sort, that means these capacitors might have gone bad and the mainboard will not be able to supply the power to your TV board and that can have issues like the red LED flashing 4 times on your TV. So, you will need to have that checked with Emerson Tech support and you can make that problem gone with no chances of coming back.

3. Power Supply Problems

If you are having the issues and you have had your capacitor checked, you will need to get the power supply checked as well. The thing to be glad about is that it is not something critical as partial power is getting to the mainboard that is blinking the red LED for you. So, all you will have to do is take it to some technician who will be able to diagnose what part of the power supply is causing you to have issues and fix it up. A repair or replacement on the power supply will be able to make it work for you.

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