DSL Keeps Dropping (4 Troubleshooting Tips)

dsl keeps dropping
dsl keeps dropping

The robust internet connection has become a necessity in this tech-savvy world. The majority of people are using DSL internet technology, given the high-speed internet. However, it tends to negatively impact the connectivity. The downgrading of internet speed can be a headache. Imagine yourself in the middle of an important video conference, and the internet starts acting up, pretty frustrating, right? If you are using the DSL internet and struggling with speed, we have outlined the troubleshooting techniques for you!

Solving The Dropping DSL Issue

In this section, we have outlined different steps that help you regain internet speed. So, have a look!

  • First of all, check the modem and see if everything is properly plugged in
  • Then, you need to reset the modem. The modems have a reset button, but if the button isn’t available, press the power button till it switches off. Now, wait for at least 30 seconds and switch on the modem again. You can also take the adapter plug out and wait for a few seconds to optimize the internet speed
  • Use the antivirus programs to scan the potential spyware, virus, and malware in the computer system. These components can have an adverse impact on internet speed. The antivirus will help remove the virus and malware, and you can restart the computer to take a fresh start
  • Always check the network connection on the computer. You need to be sure that you are connected to the network that’s created for your internet connection
  • The animals and insects, such as rats and raccoons, tend to eat up the wires. These small tears and holes can drag down the internet speed. So, you might need to get new wiring, and the internet speed will improve
  • You can call the internet service provider and discuss the DDSL disconnecting issue with them. They will most probably solve the issue, and some might even come to your home to take an in-depth look at the issues.

DSL Keeps Dropping (Troubleshooting Tips)

If you are struggling with slow internet speed and cannot browse anything, the following troubleshooting tips will help you optimize the issue!

1) Base Test

This is the easiest troubleshooting tip because you need to restart the DSL modem as well as the computer. Then, check if you are able to browse through the internet or use the emails, you can follow the below-mentioned options!

2) Line Connection

While using the DSL connection, make sure that you are connected to the phone line. Be it the fax machine or cordless phone, satellite receiver, or answering machine, always use the filters. These filters will ensure that the device is using the correct frequency, leading to the elimination of interference in signals. There are multiple filters available, such as;

  • Daewoo Filters – These filters are directly plugged into the telephone. Then, you can insert the line into the wall jack
  • GVC Filters – These filters are plugged into the wall jack. Then, the telephone line will be plugged into the phone

3) Modem Connections

When you are using the DSL modems, you will come across three types of connectors, and they need to be properly plugged in. You need to ensure that there are zero gaps in the connector and outlet. The different types of connectors include the following;

  • Network Port – This is used for plugging the network cable into the router or a computer
  • Electrical Connector – This is used to plug the cable from the adapter
  • Telephone Jack – This is used to connect the telephone lines

4) Lights On Modem

The lights on the modem are known as indicator lights, and they will help make a diagnosis about the signal strength. There are different indicator lights available on the modem, inclusive of the following;

  • Power – This will switch on when the modem is plugged into the electrical outlet through the power adapter
  • DSL – This will switch on when the modem is connected to the network. This indicator light will switch on when the modem is first switched on, but it will stop flashing then
  • Ethernet – This will switch on when the network port is used for creating the network connection on the port. Also, it depicts the streamlined modem operation
  • Activity – This will switch on when the modem is transferring data packets
  • Internet – This will switch on when username and password is authentic

So, whichever activity you want to conduct, make sure the respective light is switched on!

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