3 Ways To Fix Samsung TV Flashing Red Light 5 Times

samsung tv flashing red light 5 times
samsung tv flashing red light 5 times

People mostly watch television when they are bored and don’t know what to do. Alternatively, if there is a show playing that they enjoy watching. Whatever the case might be, getting free from a long day of work and noticing that your television is not working can be quite annoying to deal with. Although, this is exactly why you should know how to troubleshoot your device.

This will help you in both fixing any issues that appear as well preventing these from ever happening. Luckily, Samsung TVs have a LED light on them that sometimes blinks to notify the user about any problems on itself.

You can count how many times the light blinks to pin down the exact issue making it easier to fix. If your Samsung TV is flashing red light 5 times then here are some steps that you can try to get rid of this problem.

How to Fix Samsung TV Flashing Red Light 5 Times?

  1. Reboot Device

While the red light blinking 5 to 6 times both meant that your television has some issues related to the power supply. There is still a lot of stuff that you will have to check. Trying to test the electrical sockets in your house can be quite dangerous to do. If you are completely unaware of how these connections work then you should contact a specialist.

This is why before getting to other fixes; you can start by trying a simple one. In some cases, the device might simply be giving you errors because of an error in its configurations. You can start by holding down the power button for some seconds and then taking out the cable. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes and then hold down the power button on your television again.

You can now plug in the device without letting go of the power button. This should completely reset it allowing you to start using it. Though, if the method does not work then there is another reset that you can try. This is less likely to work but you can still try it.

You will have to hold down the menu button and volume down button on your television before pressing the power button. Make sure that you hold these down on the television and not the remote. Once done, blue light should appear instead of red and you should be able to start using your TV again.

  1. Check Power Cable

If the simple reboot and reset do not work for you. Then the issue might be with the power cable or sockets in your home. As mentioned above, if you are hesitant to check these on your own then contact an electrician. Alternatively, you can try plugging your television in another outlet that you know works perfectly.

The only downside to this is that people who have installed their televisions on wall mounts will be unable to try this. Considering this, it is better that you check the outlet you were previously using. Make sure that the current coming from it is stable.

Additionally, if the springs in your socket have not come loose. This can cause the wire to have trouble accessing the power from your outlet. You can even use a voltmeter to take readings of the current, this will give you accurate readings making your job even easier.

  1. Faulty Power Supply

Finally, if none of the steps mentioned above work, then there is a chance that the power supply for your Samsung TV has become faulty. You can try replacing the power cord on your power supply to see if that fixes the problem. If not then you will have to purchase a new power supply. You can even try using one from another television in your home.

But keep in mind that the power requirements for the supply should be the same. If not then your device can get damaged. You should note that it is a good thing that only your power supply got damaged. This is because if the mainboard had been broken then your television would have become completely useless. While the power supply can be easily replaced with a new one and is also easily accessible.

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