Sony SXRD Red Light Flashing 4 Times: 3 Ways To Fix

sony sxrd red light flashing 4 times
sony sxrd red light flashing 4 times

Sony SXRD is a state of the art projection technology that offers far more resolution than previous generation TVs. The SXRD acronym means Silicon X-tal Reflective Display. Crystal is commonly referred to as X-tal. Sony 4K SXRD televisions are known for providing high quality, reliable, and hassle-free TV experience to the users. However, as is the case with all devices, sometimes the device can malfunction or not work properly due to various reasons.

Different issues faced by Sony SXRD are often indicated by blinking lights. One of the most common light indications is seeing the red light flashing 4 times on your Sony SXRD. The users are often confused as to what this indicates. Here is everything that you need to know about this indication and what you can do to resolve the issue.

Sony SXRD Red Light Flashing 4 Times

The first thing is that if you see the red light flashing 4 times on your Sony SXRD, you need to understand that it is an error code related to the fan. There are 4 fans inside SONY SXRD TVs. Usually, the issue is with the large fan that is located on the left side.

However, one of the smaller fans can also malfunction or be responsible for the error. If you see this error code you will need to check if the fans are moving or not. If a fan is not moving, you will see the error code and the TV will not turn on. Here are a few things that you can do to resolve this issue and get rid of the error.

1) Blow Duster inside the Fan Blades

Fans are located at the back of the TV and overtime they gather a lot of dust. As the blades have to move every time the TV is turned on, they tend to capture dust from the surroundings. This dust keeps getting deposited on the blades. With time this dust can cause the blades to stop functioning. So the first thing you should do to resolve the issue is to clean the fan blades using a blow duster.

2) Check the Connectors to the Fan

If you have cleaned the fan blades and still they are not moving, there is a possibility that there may be a loose connection to the fan that is not moving. So carefully check all the connectors. Press them gently to ensure that they are stable and in place. If there is a loose connection, tighten it gently and then proceed to turn on the TV. Check to see if the fans are working now. If it was an issue due to a loose connection, the fans will start working and the issue will be resolved.

3) Replace the Faulty Fan

If you have tried the things mentioned above and the fans are still not working, there is a possibility that the fan or fans are damaged or malfunctioning. It is common for the fans to stop working after a while. In such a situation you have to get the faulty fan replaced and it will fix the issue.

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