Have To Press Power Button Multiple Times To Start My PC: How To Fix?

have to press power button multiple times to start my pc
have to press power button multiple times to start my pc

Having a stable internet connection at your home can be amazing. This is because the user can access numerous features on their device without much trouble. These include calling and texting your friends, family, and colleagues and even sharing data between them.

People can even store their data online in cloud servers to keep it protected from third-party sources. You can then access it whenever you want to without much trouble. While there are tons more features that you can get, you should note that a compatible device is required as well. Usually, people like to work on their laptops or computer systems but your mobile phone is another option.

Have to Press Power Button Multiple Times to Start My PC

When trying to work on your device, the user can sometimes run into a few problems. This can be annoying to deal with. However, if you are already prepared then you can easily identify the issue and fix it on your own. Most solutions for computer systems are quite easy to follow and you should not have much trouble.

Though, in case you do, the user can consult the manual for their device to help them out. Alternatively, you can watch videos that will provide you with detailed information that can be followed. One common problem that many people report is that the power button on their device has to be pressed multiple times before it can startup. Considering this, the solution mainly depends on whether the user has a Computer or Laptop. This is because laptops are portable and have batteries in them. Considering this, the fix can vary a little between the devices.

Fix for Standard PC

For Standard computer systems, the problem usually occurs when the power button on your device starts to worn out. This will eventually happen over time and there is no method to avoid it. However, if you are getting this issue, then there are two things that you can try. One of these is to disconnect the cables for your power button from the modem.

There should be two small cables at the bottom of your motherboard that you need to take off. If you are unaware of these then consult the manual for your casing and motherboard to help you out. Once these are out, the user can start their pc when they switch on the main power for it. Alternatively, the second fix is to simply replace their cables with new ones.

Fix for Laptop

If your Laptop is running into this issue then it might be because the device has some electrical charge stored in it. The user will have to remove this manually. You will notice that when you try pressing the power button while the charger is connected, the device works fine. Considering this, take out your battery and then hold down the power button. After 20 to 30 seconds have passed, connect your battery back in and then plug in the charger as well. You should now be able to start using your laptop without this problem.

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  1. Like the idea of the menu workaround, however, pressing the input and volume down together does nothing on my Vizio. The only thing that did happen is that the input button did reset the factory settings! But still no menu.

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