Can You Run Both Direct TV And Cable Internet On the Same Line?

direct tv and cable internet on same line
direct tv and cable internet on same line

It is a common issue that most people hate using too many coaxial cables within their house to get themselves connected to the technologies. By technologies, we mean your Direct TV and your Cable Internet. So, if you’re looking to find a way to run both Direct TV and Cable Internet on the same line, you have landed on the correct page. In this article, we are going to discuss if it is possible for you to use only a single coaxial cable to run both the services through it together.

But before we jump to the topic at hand, let’s first get to know a little about the two Providers that is Direct TV and Cable Internet Service Providers.

About Direct TV

Direct TV is actually an American company that provides direct broadcast satellite services to the masses. The satellite service working here was launched on in space in 1994 that is responsible to transmit the signals to run digital satellite television as well as audio streaming to all the households in the United States.

Currently, one of the largest telecom firms,  AT&T, acquires the Direct TV services in a transaction that costs approximately $67.1 billion.

Cable Internet Access

In the telecommunications sector, cable Internet services have been around the corner for quite a long time. A service is simply a form of broadband Internet access that is provided to all the people who wish to use faster internet.

Such cable internet uses the same kind of infrastructure as your cable television. Cable Internet Access provides you with a network that has edge connectivity which means quick access from the Internet service provider to all the users.

Can You Run Both Direct TV And Cable Internet On the Same Line?

Trying to run both services on the same cable is not a simple thing to wish for. Coaxial cable is actually a standard type of fiber wire that comes with its own set of specifications. That said, depending upon the matter at hand in this particular situation, we cannot forget all those given standards that say Sat is for TV and the Cable is for the internet. Technically speaking, one shouldn’t really be wishing for sharing the infrastructure of two different services.

Cable Connection Technicalities

You should understand that your Direct TV coaxial cable goes through a power supply from the dish to your main TV box. It enters your house from outside and has a separate single terminal point as well. If you hook up the coaxial cable coming from the provider directly into your modem, you’d be just fine.

On the other hand, for your cable internet, you’ll have to use an Ethernet cable so your cable modem could not be using the same home coaxial TV network. The only thing that you can use in this situation might be the Diplexers but also they won’t be recommended as it can cause a whole lot of new troubles.


So, long story short, the answer is NO.  You should not run Direct TV and Cable Internet on the same line as the cable internet modems and Direct TV, both have separate frequencies that might overlap and not even a diplexer would be of any help to prevent that.

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