Internet Speed Is Fast But Pages Load Slow Fix

internet speed is fast but pages load slow
internet speed is fast but pages load slow

There are times when your uploading speeds get slow despite excellent signal strength. Many people have been facing similar issues. They have been reporting that the speed test shows the best speed result but the webpages still take too long to get loaded. There can be many origins to the issue. Identifying such tasks is never easy.

Upon the ongoing issue, many people have claimed that unfiltered content is putting a burden which is resulting in slow uploading speed. While some propose that the DNS server has something to do with the slow uploading issue. However, the reasons can vary from user to user. Therefore, it can not be a single factor causing this issue.

Why Is My Uploading Speed Too Low?

Having superb signal strength and still getting a bare minimum of internet speed is the most annoying thing a computer surfer can ever come across. It does not only kill your productivity it also finishes off your enthusiasm to work. What can be causing such issues? Network Latency? Definitely.

If there is an extra distance between you and your destination website, it would hardly upload faster. Moreover, slow hardware can be the potential reason for having troubled internet speed. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your broadband service; your old device wouldn’t support internet speed.

We can say that the website with a huge audience accessing at a time would slow down your uploading speed to a greater extent. However, one can not do anything about it but to sit and wait. The root of the issue is not just limited here, there is even more to it.

However, we have provided you some worthy troubleshooting steps that are 100% going to help you fasten your uploading speed.

Troubleshooting Ways For Internet Speed Is Fast But Pages Load Slow:

Encountering such connectivity issues is normal. Apply the following tested solutions to get rid of slow uploading speeds:

  1. Run A Speed Test:

Running a speed test has become quite mainstream. However, still some users fell under the trap of service providers. How? Some of the ISPs used to prioritize your traffic over other users’ traffic automatically to play you and show a fake result while detecting your accessing They do this to make you realize that you are being provided with faster speeds as compared to the original speed they have been fooling you with. It happens rarely but it is recorded as one of the reasons for slow uploading speed.

Therefore, you are recommended to test your internet speed with This site will possibly give you all the major Internet backbone networks with genuine and truest results.

  1. Try A Different Browser:

Sometimes the browser you have been using executes awfully slow uploading speeds. It is because they might be bogged and outdated. To check and satisfy with your speed, change your browser with a different one.

  1. Turn Of Web Protection Services:

Facing slow uploading speeds is not unusual when you have anti-virus along with the VPN installed on your device. Such protective software bogs down your webpage uploading speed by intercepting each webpage you are accessing. They do this for filtering the content to make sure it won’t affect your system which is time taking. Try to turn such Web Protection Services off. You will be likely to face no such slow uploading speeds.

  1. Relocate DNS Server:

Try to relocate your DNS server to your computer. The default DNS server would use your ISP instead. Therefore, it is better to change the DNS server on your router to the following:


These are supposed to be Google’s DNS server addresses.

  1. Replace Outdated Software:

You are likely to face much slower uploading speeds if you are browsing with outdated versions of the software. Try to update them as soon as possible.

  1. Try A Difference Router:

An overloaded and failing router can be the only reason for slow uploading speeds. Try to use a different and more importantly new router. If the problem persists, then rearrange the placement of your router. Make sure you place it somewhere cooler where it gets an adequate airflow. This would help you big time in sorting out the slow uploading issues as a heated and overloaded router would never you faster speeds.

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