How To Run Ethernet Cable Along Wall? (Explained)

how to run ethernet cable along wall
how to run ethernet cable along wall

Running your internet cable connection all around the house without creating a tangible mess is usually the biggest problem of them all. Therefore, in this article, we have come up with some of the basic instructions on how to run Ethernet cable along walls. Read on to learn all tips that will help you in this regard.

What are Ethernet Cables?

The cables that are used to establish a connection between the networking hardware connecting one device from the other are called Ethernet Cables. These are not ordinary wires but special networking cable wires which are used to connect two or more than two computing devices to several different types of hardware systems or devices such as share printers or scanners or routers/ modems etc.

How to Run Ethernet Cables Along Wall Safely?

Running the Ethernet Cables along the walls could be problematic if you don’t have the proper know-how of what material should you use. We have a few tips and tricks for you that you can use to safely run you Ethernet Cable Network around the house without completely messing it up.


The first tip would be to use nails as they are pretty firm and strong enough to hold heavyweights. So, no matter if you’re using a single wire or a bunch of wires, if you’re using nails to hold them along the wall, the wires won’t come off falling in a few days.


The second tip would be not to use tapings ever because tapping the wire doesn’t only put the wires in danger but also damages your walls. Tapes are not the most relist option as it easily comes off and not so sticky on the walls. Besides, it will also disrupt your decor and the wall paint might also come off along with the tapping in a few days.

Covers And Fixtures

There are various types of covers and fixtures that you can use to run your Ethernet Cables along the walls. Some of such products are listed below that you can easily find in the electronics store of your local area.

  1. Using Cord Management Covers

Cable protectors also known as Cord Management Covers are the simplest and most effective way of managing your home Ethernet cable connections. They can be used to protect the cables running along the wall at home or in the office.

Cable covers not only protect the cable wires but also help to avoid the cables creating a mess. With these, you can reduce tripping into hazards and keep your floors clean.  Cable covers can neatly conceal the Ethernet Cables running along the walls. You can use the adhesive to stick them to the walls of your house and Voila! you are good to go.

  1. Using Coaxial Cable Nail-in Clamps

Coaxial cable nail-in clamps are very easy to handle, little pieces of n-shaped fixures that are specifically used to clamp the wires running around the house to the walls. These are pretty firm and stiffly attached to the wall with the help of a single nail as well to hold your Ethernet cable in place for a long period. The only problem is that it can only hold a single wire at a time and not more than that.

  1. Using Flexible PVC Pipes

A cheaper option would be using those flexible PVC pipes. These PVC tubes can hold the wires in place when stapled correctly to run along the walls. Although, it gives a neat and clean appearance and you’ll be able to avoid creating a mess of wires around the house but this is not a safe option as the cable covers.

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