How To Factory Reset Xfinity Flex Box? Do These 6 Steps

how to factory reset xfinity flex box
how to factory reset xfinity flex box

The Flex Box, the 4k streaming TV box from Xfinity delivers an almost infinite amount of content. Its voice control sits amongst the top technologies in the telecommunications business nowadays.

Delivered by Comcast, the second largest satellite company in the U.S., the Flex Box is an outstanding option for home entertainment.

Running with Xfinity internet packages, which holds the top position in number of subscribers on national territory, the Flex Box ensures TV shows and movies for all kinds of demands.

And the best of all: Xfinity has really aimed at affordability on this one, as they offer this excellent TV service for free on most of the higher internet packages.

Issues with the Xfinity Flex Box

Not even with all their top-tier technology, is the Xfinity Flex Box free from issues. As it has been most recently reported by users in online forums and Q&A communities from all over the U.S, there are some small issues that are hindering the optimal performance of the Flex Box.

According to these reports, none of these issues brings major concerns, as they are mostly related to minor configuration or compatibility aspects. Nevertheless, since these issues will very likely prevent your Xfinity Flex Box from delivering its optimal performance, they should definitely be addressed.

So, without further ado, here is what you should do in order to perform a factory reset on your Xfinity Flex Box.

Two Ways Easily Reset Your Xfinity Flex Box

Two Ways Easily Reset Your Xfinity Flex Box

Have you been noticing your Xfinity Flex Box to be running slower, taking longer to load the TV shows and movies or even lagging during the presentation of its content? Turns out that the Flex Box demands a little maintenance to remain in its optimal performance range.

Amongst the aspects that should be considered is the cache, which is a storage unit that gathers temporary files that aid the system in performing connections with servers or even other devices, such as your TV set.

Those files hold the necessary access or connection information the system downloaded on its first attempt, and they help speeding up the following attempts as the system will no longer need to go through all the steps.

The downside is that the cache does not have infinite storage room, so after a number of connections and accesses, it tends to overfill.

the cache does not have infinite storage room

That, on its own, is not a big problem, but that might also cause the device memory to be affected, since once the cache gets overfilled, the temporary files are sent into the device memory.

As we all know, programs need space to run and that space is taken from the memory, so an overfilled memory will slow down the functioning of the programs, especially the loading and streaming features.

Luckily, a simple factory reset procedure will not only clear the cache from these temporary files, but also from any other stored information, returning the storage unit and the memory to their primary stage .

Just like with any other resetting procedures, the device system performs a series of verifications and attempts to fix minor errors. Additionally, the cache will be cleared from the temporary files that are no longer necessary.

Just like with any other resetting procedures,

That is exactly where a factory reset might be helpful regarding the issues you may be experiencing with your Xfinity Flex Box.

Once the procedure is successfully completed, the device will prompt users to perform the whole configuration and setup, as all the data that was stored within the memory will be erased. And that does not seem like too much trouble for the sake of your Xfinity Flex Box’s optimal performance.

Firstly, let us walk you through the procedure done via the device settings.

How To Factory Reset Xfinity Flex Box

Method 1: Factory Reset Via The Settings

Method 1 Factory Reset Via The Settings

  1. Since the factory reset procedure can only be performed with the Flex Box switched on, make sure it is not turned off before you attempt it
  2. Press and hold down both the POWER and the MENU buttons at the same time.
  3. Then, grab the Xfinity remote control, press and hold down both the UP and the DOWN buttons at the same time.
  4. That should cause a menu to pop-up on the screen. Through that menu you will be able to find the Restore Default Settings option.
  5. Click on the Restore Default Settings option and confirm it.
  6. That should be enough to command your Xfinity Flex Box to perform the factory reset and return to its primary state.

Some users that attempted the procedure through the system settings commented that not always the issues were solved after the factory reset and that for most cases they were only really gone after the network settings were also reset.

That is probably because once the network settings are reset, the device has to re-establish the connection with the internet and, in that procedure, troubleshoot the unresolved issues.

Resetting the Network Settings

Resetting the Network Settings

Should you need to perform a reset of the network settings, this is what you should do:

  1. Forget about resetting procedures from the settings for a while and simply unplug the power cord from the outlet.
  2. Then, give it at least two minutes before you plug the power cord back in, as the device should get rid of all the electricity current running within it.
  3. Once you plug the power cord back onto the outlet, simply wait for the system to start once again.
  4. The home screen should come up shortly, so be aware as you will need to reach the settings at that point.
  5. Once the settings are reached, choose the “Network & Internetoption.
  6. Locate and click on the “Reset Network Settings” button and, when prompted to confirm the procedure select yes. Then, allow the system to re-establish the connection with the router or modem and troubleshoot those eventual unattended issues.

In order to speed up the setup, keep the network access credentials nearby, as you will most likely be prompted to insert them once again.

Method 2: Resetting Via The Remote Control

Method 2 Resetting Via The Remote Control

The second and apparently simpler way users can perform the factory reset on their Xfinity Flex Boxes is to press and hold down the INFO and the HOME simultaneously.

The info button is the one with the ‘i’ written on it. Keep holding down the two buttons until the status light on the remote-control blinks, which should happen after five seconds.

Then, press, in this order, the POWER, LAST (the one with an arrow pointing left written on it), then VOLUME DOWN to complete the factory reset command sequence. Once the whole procedure is done, simply wait for the system to perform the factory reset and prompt you to redo the starting configuration.

An Alternative Method

An Alternative Method

Alternatively, you can always hold down the reset button until the LED lights on the device display blink once. Then, let go of the button and allow the system to perform the necessary diagnostics and protocols.

Bear in mind, though, that this procedure is not acknowledged as a full troubleshoot, so there might be some issues left unattended after the attempt to factory reset through the reset button.

The Last Word

contacting Xfinity customer support department

Should you attempt all the procedures listed in this walkthrough and still experience the issues, you might want to consider contacting Xfinity customer support department.

Their highly trained professional technicians are used to dealing with all sorts of issues and will very likely have a few extra tricks up their sleeves.

So, give them a call and explain the problem so they can walk you through a few more easy fixes or, should the issue not be possible to be addressed remotely, let them pay you a visit and get rid of these issues for you once and for all.

On a final note, should you come across other ways to get rid of the lagging or loading issues with Xfinity Flex Box, make sure to let us know.

Leave a message on the comments section explaining how you got rid of these issues and help your fellow users out. That way we keep the community helpful and informative for all.

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