How To Factory Reset The Belkin Router (2 Methods)

how to factory reset belkin router
how to factory reset belkin router

Belkin routers work like a charm when it comes down to optimizing the internet connections. This is because they have strong signal reception features that set them apart. However, just like other routers, they are susceptible to errors. Similarly, the majority of problems can be resolved by factory resetting the Belkin router, and we are here to share the method with you.

How To Factory Reset The Belkin Router

The Belkin routers are designed with a highly accessible reset button that can be used for resetting the device or restoring the settings to the default setting. On the other hand, if you cannot reach the reset button due to different positioning, you can opt for the router’s web interface to perform the factory reset. So, let’s see how you can perform the reset with the help of a reset button;

  1. First of all, you need to identify the reset button on your Belkin router. In the majority of cases, the router is designed with the reset button on the backside
  2. Once you find the reset button, you need to push it for a few seconds, and the lights will start flashing
  3. Within a few seconds, the power lights will change from the solid form to a blinking form, which signals that the reset process is complete
  4. Then, push your reset button again and hold it for ten seconds to initiate the factory default settings process
  5. As a result, the lights will start flashing the lights will start blinking
  6. Now, you are done!

These are all the steps that you can try for resetting your Belkin router with the help of a reset button. On the other hand, if you want to use the user interface to perform the factory reset, you can try out the step-by-step instructions below;

  1. Open the web browser on your computer and enter to access the user interface of the router
  2. When the new page opens, click on the login button and enter the router’s password and tap on the submit button
  3. When you get access to the router’s interface, move to the left panel and click on the utility tab
  4. Then, click on the restart and press the OK button to confirm
  5. It will start processing, and the user interface will reappear automatically once the reset process is fully complete
  6. Now, open the “restore factory defaults” option from the utility section, and it will initiate the process of restoring the router’s settings. As a result, the router will be brought back to the factory default settings
  7. Press the OK button, and you will be done

Additional Things You Need To Know

Now that we have shared two suitable methods for factory resetting the Belkin router, it’s important to understand why the factory reset is recommended. Performing the factory reset on the Belkin router will help you fix the internet errors and improve the overall internet speed. In addition to this, it will improve browsing and streaming speed. However, you must remember that the factory reset will delete the password and customized internet settings.

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