7 Ways To Fix Verizon Jetpack Data Usage Is Not Available At This Time

verizon jetpack data usage is not available at this time
verizon jetpack data usage is not available at this time

Verizon, the telecommunications giant, has secured their spot amongst the top three service providers in the U.S. alongside T-Mobile and AT&T.

With such quality of service, far-reaching coverage and packages that meet affordability and huge allowances, the company aims at the first position in number of subscribers in the U.S. territory.

How Does Verizon’s Jetpack Work?

Most recently, Verizon launched a device that promises to deliver excellent quality of internet signal wherever you go. The Jetpack mobile hotspot device works as a wireless and cordless router that enhances the coverage and signal intensity in places that are farther from the main internet station in a building.

For example, should you opt to install your carrier router in the living room, but in your garden the internet signal is not so strong, that is where you put your Verizon Jetpack. The device will bring intense internet signal to the area and solve the weak connections you were experiencing.

Amongst the most valuable attributes, the Jetpack has a 24-hours lasting battery, advanced security features such as Auto VPN, data monitoring and an optional guest network, should you need it.

Additionally, the device allows up to 15 simultaneous connected devices, which means the whole family, and the friends, stay connected no matter how far from the living room router.

What are the problems with Verizon Jetpack?

What are the problems with Verizon Jetpack

However, most recently, users have reported to suffer with an issue that is hindering the performance of their Verizon Jetpacks. According to the reports, the issue causes the device to stop providing internet signals, which prevents it from working.

Some people who already took a deeper look into the issue could identify it as a data usage problem. Since what actually happens is that the amount of data stops being displayed on the device screen, users are misled as to how much ‘internet juice’ they can still use.

So, should you find yourself amongst those users, bear with us as we walk you through seven easy fixes that should get you rid of the issue.

Verizon Jetpack Data Usage Is Not Available At This Time

Verizon Jetpack Data Usage Is Not Available At This Time

The Jetpack, as versatile as it is, still suffers from a quite simple problem, which is not being able to deliver infinite internet data throughout the whole month. Admittedly, no carrier could fix this without changing this device’s status from affordable to extra expensive though.

However, what customers have been facing with the issue is a lack of information on how much data is being used. As it goes, Verizon Jetpack has a screen that displays a series of information, such as quality of signal, date, time, and data usage, amongst others.

What seems to be the problem is that the amount of data used displayed on the screen is, a lot of the time, inaccurate, leading users to falsely believe they still have enough data for whatever they are planning on doing online.

list of solutions

Furthermore, as the device allows a large number of connections at the same time, it can get tricky to keep track of your data usage.

Considering that, we came up with a list of solutions that should allow you to reach the correct information on how much data is being used and prevent you from running out of ‘internet juice’ with your Verizon Jetpack.

So, without further ado, here is what you should do to keep your Jetpack working whenever you need.

  1. Use Other Sources To Keep Track Of The Data Usage

Use Other Sources To Keep Track Of The Data Usage

It is quite important that users keep in mind how much internet data they are using throughout the month. Since the amount displayed on the device screen is not always as precise as it should be, Verizon offers users other ways of checking their data usage.

There’s the customer personal area that can be accessed through Verizon’s official webpage or through the My Verizon mobile app. Here, users can get access to more accurate information regarding their data usage.

So, make sure to check those other two sources should you second-guess the information displayed on your Jetpack’s screen. In both cases, it will take you no more than a few clicks to obtain the information, so keep those sources in mind.

  1. Check Your Personal Account With Verizon

Check Your Personal Account With Verizon

As it has been reported, users have had difficulties in accessing the accurate data usage information through Verizon´s official webpage or through My Verizon app.

Most of the cases were caused by customer info verification, as those accounts were set up under incorrect personal information, which ended up preventing them from accessing their personal accounts. Therefore, make sure the information Verizon has on your account is precise and correct.

  1. Backend Problem

Backend Problem

The source of the issue might not always be on your end of the deal. ISPs, or Internet Service Providers, suffer with problems on their servers, antennas, and other pieces of equipment more often than they would like to admit.

Therefore, should your Verizon Jetpack not display the correct info on the data usage parameters, there is a chance the problem is with the carrier. In that case, Verizon will usually find a way to let their customers know and, should it be possible, give an estimated time for the necessary repairs to be performed.

The official communications channel is still via email, so take a look in your inbox, spam, and trash boxes as well to see if Verizon has attempted to inform you of any information regarding the internet signal distribution.

Additionally, many carriers nowadays let their customers know about all sorts of information through their social media profiles, so check those as well.

Lastly, should the issue be severe enough to require a fix, the company will release a firmware update. In that case, make sure to obtain it from an official source, such as the company’s webpage, and install it on your device.

  1. Check Out My Verizon’s Web-Based Version

Check Out My Verizon’s Web-Based Version

Apps can suffer glitches during their beta-testing stages. With so many possibilities for errors and configuration and compatibility problems, it becomes almost impossible to foresee all possible outcomes. This is why many apps and programs are fixed through updates or, as has been the fate of many apps, termination.

Hopefully, My Verizon app will not undergo any sorts of severe problems and remain a trustworthy source of information for users. However, as it has been reported, sometimes the data usage info displayed on the app is not actually accurate.

In this case, make sure to run the web-based interface of the app to check the correct amount of data used in the period. Since the web-base interface is refreshed more often than the app, the odds the info is more accurate are higher.

Go to the web-based version and look for the data usage tab, then click on the ‘data usage error’ button to see an updated and accurate information.

  1. Make Sure You Have Battery

Make Sure You Have Battery

As Verizon Jetpack works not only on internet signal, users should keep an eye on their battery levels, as low battery might cause the connection to suffer disruptions.

Also, once the device battery is gone, neither the internet nor the data usage display will work, so keep in mind that the device should be charged when battery levels are low.

  1. Stay Within The Signal Area

Stay Within The Signal Area

Another key aspect of Verizon Jetpack’s performance is the signal area. Though the device was designed to enhance the coverage area in a building, it also has its limits. Stray too far from the signal area and you will notice the connection gets slower or even breaks down.

So, make sure to keep yourself within the coverage area. Additionally, a weak or intermittent signal could indicate a faulty connection between the SIM card and the terminal, so make sure to properly insert it into the SIM port.

  1. Restart The Device

Restart The Device

As with any other electronic device, a mobile hotspot gathers temporary files that help accelerate the connections further on. Also, like with any other device, the storage unit is not infinite and, once it’s close to overfilling, the device memory tends to be affected, causing the performance to slow down.

A restart, as simple a procedure as it is, helps the system clear the memory of unnecessary temporary files. So, go ahead and restart the device every now and then, especially because the Jetpack allows multiple simultaneous connections, so the odds the memory will overfill quickly are quite high.

On a final note, should you come across any other easy ways to get accurate data usage information on Verizon Jetpack mobile hotspot devices, make sure to let us know. Leave a message in the comments section and help our fellow users get the best out of their Jetpacks.

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