Discord Mobile Data Usage: How to Prevent Additional Data Usage?

discord mobile data usage
discord mobile data usage

Discord is a famous application that allows users to perform multiple tasks. These include making calls, messaging people as well as creating or joining a community. There are tons of features provided to the users on this application. The communities or also known as servers have multiple people that can join them.

These are usually regulated by moderators which ensure that there are no issues with the server. The best thing about the application is that it is free to use and you can use it on both your computer system or mobile phone. The only requirement for using Discord is having a stable internet connection available. You can then start using the services provided by them without any problems.

Discord Mobile Data Usage

When trying to use Discord on your mobile phone, the only way to access the application while you are out from your home is through mobile data. This is where people start to wonder how much the application’s data usage is. This is necessary to note as not everyone has unlimited bandwidth on their devices. Though, the question can be a little complicated to answer.

Usually when the user is only sending texts or reading them on their mobile phone. The data usage should be in bytes. These are almost negligible and you will not even feel any difference in your bandwidth. However, if you wondering how much data is drained while you are on a voice call. Then the answer for this is around 28 MB every hour. If you are trying to measure this on your device and the results differ.

Then you should note that the number of background applications running on your phone is also draining your data. This might be the reason why you are getting different results. Aside from this, people can also stream videos or make video calls on the application. When trying to view these, the mobile data consumption for your device will be notably more. These should generally consume about 270 MB of data per hour. Though the results can heavily vary depending on what resolution you are trying to run the stream or video call in.

How to Prevent Additional Data Usage?

If you are someone who relies on using mobile data at all times. Then the usage from Discord might sometimes end up draining your mobile data. However, there are some things that you can do to prevent this. One of these is to disable the link preview option from the settings. This will ensure that the links or images being sent to the user do not get download automatically.

Aside from this, you can also set up a limit for data on your application. This will switch off your mobile data once the bandwidth has reached your input amount. Keep in mind that this setting does not work for a single application only. The bandwidth limit monitors the entire data usage for your device so it might disable your mobile data even when you are using another application. One way around this is to change your current internet package and select one with additional bandwidth.

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