Samsung TV ARC Stopped Working: 5 Ways To Fix

samsung tv arc stopped working
samsung tv arc stopped working

If you watch TV and are responsible for making the connections, you would know about HDMI connections. The HDMI connections are responsible for sound and video. The HDMI cables are suitable for ensuring a crisp connection.

With Samsung TV, ARC is the feature of HDMI certified cable with which the sound and audio can be sent to the transmitter as well. On the contrary, Samsung TV ARC stopped working has become a common issue, and we are sharing the solutions for it!

Samsung TV ARC Stopped Working


To begin with, you’ve to switch on HDMI-CEC for the ARC to work on Samsung. In some cases, it might be called Anynet+. For switching it on, you have to open the settings and scroll down to the HDMI tab. In this tab, look for Anynet+ and switch it on. Once it’s switched on, the ARC will start working again on Samsung.

2) Replug The Devices

Truth be told, this is a tricky feature and the order of connected devices really impacts the quality and functionality of ARC. If ARC is not working, you have to remove the HDMI connections and cables from the Samsung TV. Once the cables are out, switch on the TV. However, if you have other devices, such as audio devices or consoles, connect them to the TV before switching on the TV.

Now that the TV is switched on, connect the set-top box through an HDMI connection, and connect other devices. As a result, ARC will start working. Before we move onto the next troubleshooting method, let us tell you that you need to keep the cables and devices plugged out for at least twenty minutes.

3) Audio Format

In case replugging the devices doesn’t work, you have to consider the audio formats. This is because Samsung TV and Anynet+ are selective when it comes down to audio format. If you are thinking that the TV is not supporting the audio format, just confirm it by checking the manual. In addition, you can call Samsung customer support for asking the audio format details of the Samsung TV model.

4) Audio Cable

The audio cables are responsible for making the ARC feature work. However, if the cables are not working, keep in mind that the feature will not work. We suggest that you inspect the cables and ensure there are no damages. There are internal as well as external damages. The physical/external damages can be checked by inspecting the cable.

For internal damages, you’ve to use the multimeter. That being said, just replace the audio cables and use the high-quality cables. Also, always use the branded cables because they can directly influence the quality.

5) Software

With the Smart TV, you have to be on your toes to check the software updates. The software update has to be installed on your Samsung TV to ensure the features work fine. You can check the official website to look for the update. In case the update is available, install it on the Samsung TV. After the software update, the TV has to be rebooted to fix the files.

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