5 Ways To Fix Samsung TV Sound Delay Issue

samsung tv sound delay
samsung tv sound delay

The South Korean electronics giant Samsung has been manufacturing high quality and top-notch performance devices for over 50 years. Being one of the largest electronic devices entities there is, the company is proud of their large range of products which are used in almost every step of industrial production systems.

Their home designed electronics do not fall behind either, neither in quality nor in performance. A simple scroll through the company website should be enough to attest that they take care of every need their customers may have.

One of their top-tier devices is the Samsung Smart TV, which promises to deliver high quality video over endless streaming sessions. Its outstanding compatibility and user-friendly apps menu put the device in the top echelons of the business.

Nevertheless, some users have recently reached out to the forums and Q&A communities online to look for a solution for the sound delay issue on their Samsung Smart TVs.

The mentioned disappointment is the result of a desynchronisation between the audio and the video elements. It has also been reported to happen both with third party apps as well as with pre-loaded streaming services.

Fortunately, the issue can be easily fixed and pretty much any user can perform the quick steps we have amassed in this troubleshooting guide. So, without further ado, let’s get to the walkthrough on how to fix the sound delay issue on your Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung Smart TV Sound Delay Issue

  1. The Issue May Be With The Broadcast

The Issue May Be With The Broadcast

Firstly, and this may sound obvious to some of you, the sound delay may not be a problem with the Samsung Smart TV, but with the show that is being broadcasted. If so, this will come as a huge relief, if correct, as the problem won’t be related to the Smart TV.

However, the delay will still be there. In order to check if the problem is with the broadcast and not with the Smart TV, simply attempt to play the same show – but do it from any other compatible device.

Upon watching the show on a laptop or even a smartphone, it is possible to verify if the sound delay is just an issue with the broadcast. Basically, if the problem is occurring on every device you have tried, the issue will probably be with the show.

Should you attempt to watch the show on another device and find out the sound delay issue is gone, check these next steps to fix the problem with your Samsung Smart TV.

  1. An Issue With the Sound System

Another possibility behind the sound delay issue – that is also not related to the Samsung Smart TV – is if the problem is being caused by your home sound system.

So, before we get to the steps on how to check and fix issues with the Smart TV, it is important to perform a sound-syncing between the device and your home sound system.

In order to sync the two devices, simply follow these easy steps that can be done from the comfort of your couch.

  • Firstly, find and click into the menu button on your remote control. Once you reach the menu, look for the settings and access them.
  • The second step is to find and access the sound options and, from there, get to the expert settings.
  • On the following screen your can select the “audio delay” settings and customise it to make the audio match the video.
  1. The Problem Can Also Be Related To The Sound Bar

As users have reported, there is even a third option for the issue to be related to other devices connected to the Samsung Smart TV. Although they became quite famous recently, sound bars may not be the best option to run the sound system on your Samsung Smart TV.

That is because these devices usually have their own sound system configurations which may not match the definitions of the Smart TV, thus creating the sound delay.

Luckily for us, most sound bars nowadays have easy access menus and all you have to do is look for the sound settings and find the sync option. From there you will probably have the chance to manually configure the sync of the audio tracks and get rid of the delay.

Bear in mind that not all sound bars will deliver sound quality as high as a modern Samsung Smart TV, or even be perfectly synchronised with the audio track of the TV. It is highly recommended to carry out a little research regarding compatibility before purchasing a sound bar for a Smart TV.

  1. The Issue Can Be With The Smart TV

The Issue Can Be With The Smart TV

Should you attempt to manually sync the audio track with the video through the home sound system or the sound bar and find out the issue is still there, there is a big chance the problem is with the Smart TV.

By offering so many audio options, the Smart TV is also prone to suffering problems between media types, namely a DVD or a YouTube video and the sound output. This means a simple change of sound output on the Smart TV settings should fix the delay issue.

Through the audio menu, you should be able to find the option to change the output settings. Once you reach the output settings, change it to the built-in speakers of the Smart TV and check if the delay issue is resolved.

If, after changing the audio output, you can still notice the sound delay, the last option you can attempt within the audio menu is to perform an audio reset. Go into to the audio menu once again and look for the option that says “audio reset” and click on it.

The Smart TV will perform the procedure on its own and all you have to do is wait for it to be completed. Once it has done its thing, you can then try running the show again to check if the issue is repaired.

  1. Update The Firmware

If you performed all the steps listed above and the sound delay is still there, the cause may be the Smart TV system. Although it may look like the following fix could require a lot of technological expertise, it is actually one of the easiest ones.

Apart from probably fixing the sound delay issue, this procedure may also repair any other problems you might not have noticed so far.

The update of the Firmware, which is the program that enables the Smart TV system to run, can be easily performed and it might as well be the solution to the audio delay issue.

To proceed to the update of the Firmware, simply access the official Samsung website and look for the latest update for your Smart TV and download it.

When the download is completed, the TV system will take care of the update itself. So, just wait for it to finish and you will probably find that the sound delay issue will be gone afterwards.

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  1. The internal streaming hardware on newer Samsung TVs is cheap. Think $15 USB streaming stick cheap. I found it causes the lips/audio to be out of sync with the video after 30 mins or so, especially on live TV such as live news channels. You will need an external high end streaming device such as Roku Ultra, Amazon Cube or Apple TV to get rid of the lip sync issue. To be fair, most vendors probably put the cheapest streaming hardware in their TVs.

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