OBi100 Stopped Working: 4 Ways To Fix

obi100 stopped working
obi100 stopped working

Obi 100 is one of the best but basic adapters from Obihai technology and it has been out for several years now. It serves greatly for basic VoIP connections and needs as you don’t need the traditional telephone lines and you can just get this to have phone services over the internet connection.

While it is a durable adapter, that won’t make you go through much trouble while using it, there are certain instances that it might stop working and that can be quite inconvenient. Here is what you need to do in such cases.

Fix OBi100 Stopped Working

1) Restart the Adapter

To start with the troubleshooting process, you need to make sure that it is not some kind of error that might cause your Obi 100 adapter to cease working and that is why you need to restart the adapter once. Restarting it is pretty simple and while there are no buttons on it, you just have to pull out the power cord for a while and then plug it back in like it was before. This is going to solve most of the errors or bugs on your Obi 100 adapter and after a few seconds of setting it up, it will make it work like before.

2) Check connections

You also need to ensure that the wires and cables that you have connected with the Obi 100 adapter are plugged in properly and there are not any sorts of issues on those cables. The cables might be hanging loose or there can be other issues on such cables that can cause you to have problems that you don’t want.

So, there is a simple way to ensure that and all you need to do is plug them out one by one and then plug them back in to ensure that they are fitted properly inside the adapter to ensure optimal stability and connection with the adapter over the internet and to the telephone line.

3) Check your input cable

Another reason for you to not have your Obi 100 adapter working is that it might not be getting the right input coverage over the internet from your modem or router. If your router is having some issues, or the connection does not have the right internet coverage, your Obi 100 adapter will not work as it is supposed to and you need to take the right measures to make it work optimally. So, check on the internet connectivity on the modem or any other devices to ensure that you have the right coverage first to ensure that you can make your Obi 100 adapter work.

4) Time for an upgrade

It is quite a useful adapter, but many believe that it has completed its time and there are far less expensive and more advanced adapters out there that have better performance specs and utility. So, you might consider getting an upgrade rather than going for the repairs and that will make it worth the amount you have given that you can have a better experience.

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