6 Ways To Fix Optimum DVR Not Working

optimum dvr not working
optimum dvr not working

Optimum have become massively popular in recent years, supplying their ever-expanding section of the market with a really decent TV service at a reasonable price. If you want a constant source of on-demand entertainment, you could do a lot worse than giving these guys your business.

One element of their service that many have opted for is the DVR extra. This effectively allows the user to record shows and movies so that they can enjoy them later.

Naturally, in the fast-paced world we now live in, services like these are excellent. We’re just not going to always be able to make it home for the start times of our favourite shows. Back in the day, some of us used VHS cassette players for this, but they were notoriously unreliable even at the best of times.

The DVR is supposed to be a highly evolved and modernised version of this. However, in recent times, it would seem that more and more people are having issues with theirs not living up to expectations.

Seeing that we have more than a little faith in the Optimum brand, we thought we would put together a troubleshooting guide to help figure the problem out. The following is exactly that!

How To Fix Optimum DVR Not Working

1. Try a quick reset

Try a quick reset

As we always do when diagnosing these types of issues, we’re going to start with the simplest of solutions first. That way, we won’t have to waste time on the more complex stuff if we don’t need to.

Normally, when there is a small issue with a DVR, it is caused by some minor bug that is causing it to glitch out a little and behave a little strangely. If the bug is minor, a reset can be all that is needed to clear it out.

The process for resetting could not be simpler. All you need to do is find the reset button on your DVR and then press it in for a total of somewhere between ten and twenty seconds.

After that time, the DVR will automatically reset itself, hopefully clearing out the bug that’s causing it to act up. It will also reconfigure its settings in the process, giving the device the best possible chance of performing as it should.

2. Up the ante with a reboot

Up the ante with a reboot

If the reset didn’t produce the desired effect, it’s time to up the ante a little bit. However, before we get started on this one, we do need to warn you about a side-effect.

The downside of rebooting a device such as this is that all of your customised setting will be totally wiped. If you’re okay with that, here’s how to go about it.

The best way to reboot your DVR is to simply remove the power supply to the device. Just unplug it. Once you have done that, the next thing is to let it just sit there for a while doing nothing.

To make sure that all of the power it has stored up has left the system, we would suggest that a minute or so is enough time. After that, all that remains is to plug it back in again and check whether it is working again.

3. Check for issues with the modem

Check for issues with the modem

As most devices in our homes are, these DVRs are often connected to a modem. If yours is, the net step we would recommend is resetting the modem itself. What can happen from time to time is that the modem and DVR will cease to communicate effectively if either’s configurations are out of whack.

So, the simple way to solve that – reset the modem too! The reset will also renew the configuration details of the modem, allowing your two devices to (hopefully) communicate again as they should be.

4. Make sure you have access to the DVR service

One thing that we haven’t checked for yet is whether or not you actually have access to the feature that you are trying to use. It may have slipped by some of you that you also need to subscribe to Optimum’s DVR service in addition to just having the device in your home.

To check this, you may need to get in contact with Optimum to verify whether they have been taking payments for this service. If it turns out that you haven’t been paying for it, well, that will definitely have been the source of all your woes trying to get it to work.

5. Make sure your cable connection is okay

Make sure your cable connection is okay

One more thing that this system relies on is the presence of a decent and solid coax connection. A decent way to make sure that it is working as it should be is to, again, simply go for the reset option. To reset a coax connection, all you will need to do is take out the coax cables from the DVR and to also unscrew the coax cable ends.

Once that is done, the waiting game commences. In this case, you will need to leave it sit for about ten minutes before doing anything. Then, put everything back as it was again and check whether it has worked!

6. Call in some support

Call in some support

There are two options you can go to for support here – your cable provider, or Optimum themselves. In this case, we would lean toward getting in touch with Optimum first as it is their device.

While you are talking to them, make sure to let them know everything you have tried. That way, they will be able to get to the root of the issue much quicker. In some cases, they will send out a technician to help you out.

4 thoughts on “6 Ways To Fix Optimum DVR Not Working”

  1. Could not successfully replay a “Father Brown” episode that I had recorded. Would not go past a certain amount of minutes, could not ff, would dump program to blue screen.

  2. I have optimum with DVR services and just had the cable box replaced. The new one won’t record live tv for an hour as it used to do. It’s not the programmable recordings I’m talking about. It’s unrecorded live tv. Say I walk back into the tv room after answering the door and see I’ve missed the weather forecast I’d been waiting to see. I could simply rewind to where I left off as long as it’s within the hour of automatic recording. My other rooms TV still works this way. I’ve called tech support 3 times wasting hours rebooting etc to be told a new ticket to a better tech support was being submitted. Months have passed. Last call I was told to go to their store to replace the new with another new box. Before doing this, any ideas!

  3. I have 2 NBC channels (CT & NY). I record programs only on the NBC CT channel but now on my Optimum DVR, they are all being recorded on the NY feed despite showing up as it being from CT. I tried every reboot / reset and still nothing. Anyone have the same problem and know a fix? Thanks!

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