6 Ways To Fix Optimum DVR Not Working

optimum dvr not working
optimum dvr not working

Optimum is one of the promising TV service providers out there and they have designed cable boxes for people who want on-demand entertainment. In addition, they have DVRs available for people who need to record the desired shows and movies. Similarly, the users often complain about Optimum DVR not working and we have the troubleshooting methods to fix this issue!

How To Fix Optimum DVR Not Working?

1. Reset

Resetting the DVR will fix the majority of issues and an unresponsive DVR is one of the issues that a reset can fix. For this purpose, you need to reset the DVR by locating the reset button of your DVR. The users must press and hold the reset button for ten to twenty seconds and the DVR will be reset. As a result, the DVR will start working because it fixes the majority of configuration issues.

2. Reboot

Some people simply don’t want to reset the DVR because it can delete the customized settings. So, it’s better that you reboot the DVR by removing the power cable from the power outlet. You will need to keep the power cable out for around thirty seconds to ensure the DVR has completely switched off. After thirty seconds, you can plug in the power cable and check if it works!

3. Modem

The DVRs are often connected with modems. So, if you have connected the DVR with a modem, you could try resetting the modem. This is because the modem doesn’t work properly and connect with DVR if the configuration settings are incorrect. As a result, you need to reset the modem and it will fix the configuration issues. After this, connect the DVR again and it will work most probably!

4. Verify Your Services

When you want to use the DVR features with Optimum, you not only need the DVR unit but you also need to be subscribed to the DVR services. So, it is suggested that you call the cable provider and check that you have paid the extra charges for the DVR services. If you haven’t paid, it might be the reason that the DVR is not working. So, just check it with the cable provider and pay the additional charges if needed.

5. Technical Support

If you are accessing the DVR services through the cable providers, there are chances that the account is not restored which are causing the DVR functionality issues. Also, you can call for technical support with the cable provider and have them look for assistance. On the other hand, you could also try calling Optimum technical support and have them send the technician your way.

6. Cable Connection

When it comes down to using the Optimum DVR, the users need to ensure a proper coax connection. It is suggested that you reseat the coax cable connection. For this reason, you can reseat the coax cable by removing the coax cables from the DVR and unscrew the coaxial cable ends. Then, wait for around ten minutes before screwing back the coaxial cable ends and reconnect them to the DVR. As a result, the DVR will work!

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  1. Could not successfully replay a “Father Brown” episode that I had recorded. Would not go past a certain amount of minutes, could not ff, would dump program to blue screen.

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