Vizio Sound Bar HDMI ARC Not Working: 5 Ways To Fix

vizio sound bar hdmi arc not working
vizio sound bar hdmi arc not working

Vizio is a huge brand name and it’s known for an extensive range of products for different purposes. For instance, Vizio has soundbars, smart TVs, cable boxes, and so much more to meet the diverse needs of the users. However, the Vizio soundbar HDMI ARC not working is pretty common but it’s solvable by following the solutions mentioned in this article!

Vizio Sound Bar HDMI ARC Not Working

1) Compatibility

The first thing you need to do is check the compatibility of the Vizio soundbar and the TV. It’s pretty obvious that you’ve to connect the soundbar with the TV and both the devices need to be compatible with HDMI ARC to ensure they work properly. So, you simply need to look at the specifications of the TV and see if it has an HDMI ARC port. If there is no such port available, you won’t be able to connect the Vizio soundbar with the TV. On the other hand, if the device is compatible with HDMI ARC but it’s not working, just switch to the next point!

2) Disconnect

To begin with, the users have to disconnect other HDMI devices connected with the TV. This is because the majority of people connect multiple devices other than the soundbar. So, we suggest that you disconnect all the connections and connected devices and only connected the Vizio soundbar at a time. This is because the connectivity can be adversely impacted by CEC. That being said, when other devices are disconnected, the CEC devices won’t cause any issues.

3) The Right Port

In various Vizio soundbars, there are multiple HDMI ports available on the devices, but hey, not all of the ports are HDMI ARC. For this purpose, you have to check the port and see if the Vizio soundbar is connected to the right HDMI ARC port. Also, it’s essential that you check both ends and ensure that the HDMI cable is intact. That’s because if the cable is damaged, there is hardly anything that you can do to fix the connection. So, we suggest that you check the HDMI cables and ensure it’s not damaged. If there are damages to the cables, replace them with a new one!

4) CEC

For the most part, it’s not essential to enable CEC on the TV but it can help streamline the HDMI ARC connection between the TV and soundbar. For enabling CEC, you must open the menu on your TV and choose the HDMI ARC through your soundbar’s remote. In addition, it’s best to run the scan on your TV and see if the soundbar appears or not.

5) Update

In various cases, the devices need to be updated as they can optimize the connection. For this reason, you must look if the software updates are available Vizio soundbar and TV and download them. Keep in mind that outdated software can lead to multiple issues and HDMI ARC not working might be one of them. So, check the updates and install them!

To summarize, if all these solutions don’t fix the problem with HDMI ARC, you must connect the Vizio customer support. There are chances that you will be connected to the technical team for better assistance with repair or maintenance.

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