Comcast Cable Box HDMI Output Not Working: 6 Fixes

comcast cable box hdmi output not working
comcast cable box hdmi output not working

The cable boxes have become a fine choice for people who need specific channels and entertainment channels that they couldn’t find anywhere else. With this being said, Comcast has designed the cable boxes, but the Comcast cable box HDMI output not working issue has been bothering some users. For this reason, we are sharing the fixes with you!

Comcast Cable Box HDMI Output Not Working

1) Input

Sure, we are talking about the output here, but if your TV is set on the input, you need to ensure that the correct input settings are chosen. Also, the correct input settings depend on the cable box model that you are using. It is suggested that you look for suitable input settings from the cable box menu. In addition to the input settings, make sure that TV is set on the correct input channel.

2) Power Issues

In some cases, Comcast cable box HDMI output will not work properly because there are power issues. For this purpose, you need to ensure that the power source is transmitting suitable wattage. That’s to say, because if the power wattage is lower than needed, the port will not work. So, try plugging the cable box into a different power source, and the HDMI output might work properly. In addition, the cable box should be turned on.

3) Source

The cable box is always connected to a source, and if the HDMI output is not working, you need to check the source. This is because the source device, TV, and cable box should be switched on. Once everything is switched on, remove the HDMI cable from the cable box and insert it again after thirty seconds.

4) Switches & Cables

When using the Comcast cable box, you need to ensure that all the cables are working properly, especially the HDMI cables. We suggest using the multimeter because it can help check the continuity. If the cables don’t have promising continuity, you will need to replace the HDMI cables. Once you have replaced the HDMI cables, check the output again. In case the HDMI output still doesn’t work, we suggest that you remove the power strips and connectors because they tend to disrupt the signals.

5) Jack

On top of everything, while connecting the TV with the Comcast cable box, you need to know that there are special input channels. For the same reason, the users need to ensure that they are connecting the cable box with the correct jack on the TV. This is because correct inputs are essential for optimizing the correct functionality of the cable box.

6) Hardware Issues

In case you have tried everything, there might be chances of hardware issues with the Comcast cable box. Once you have tried everything and didn’t get any positive results, it is better to take the cable box to a professional technician. He can check the cable box and look for hardware issues.

The final word is that these troubleshooting methods should resolve the HDMI output issue. On the contrary, if the issue is still there, you can call customer support, and they will be of better assistance.

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