Is Anynet+ Compatible With Roku? (Answered)

anynet+ roku
anynet+ roku

Anynet+ is the HDMI-CEC feature of Samsung Smart television sets. Just like LG, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Philips, etc. Samsung has decided to name its television sets HDMI-CEC feature as anynet+.

High Definition Multimedia Interface-Consumer Electronics Control (HDMI-CEC) is a built-in HDMI feature that allows you to control multiple HDMI devices connected to your television set with a single remote. According to Samsung, their anynet+ feature can remote control up to 12 different devices. But if you own a home theater, the anynet+ feature has a limitation that restricts you to control a single home theater at a time.

Samsung’s anynet+ is incompatible with devices that don’t support the HDMI-CEC feature. Similarly, some HDMI cables are not compatible with Samsung’s anynet+.

The anynet+ HDMI-CEC feature has some compatibility issues along with a few control issues that make it a less comprehensive controller than some advanced Universal Control Systems. But you have to understand, the HDMI-CEC is a free HIDMI feature. A free feature that does a lot of things like remote control pass-through, one-touch play, routing control, deck control, one-touch record, timer programming, system audio control, device menu control, and system standby.


Roku is two things, a hardware device that connects to a television set, and a software system that compiles various free/paid cable TV channels and streaming services into a user-friendly interface.

The Roku hardware consists of two things, a set-top box or stick, and a remote. A Roku device is connected to a television set through an HDMI cable. The remote, on the other hand, communicates with the Roku device using RF and IR radio waves.

After connecting a Roku device, a person uses the Roku remote to open the Channel store where he’s allowed to choose from a plethora of paid/free cable TV channels and streaming services.

Anynet+ and Roku

Anynet+ is an HDMI free feature whereas Roku is a smart device that connects to a television’s HDMI port. So it’s quite normal to fantasize about the various HDMI-CEC features if you have a Samsung anynet+ TV and a Roku device that has an HDMI output. But unfortunately, Roku is one of those devices that don’t support the HDMI-CEC feature. Meaning you’ll have to use the Roku remote to control the Roku device. Samsung’s single-remote controlling feature will not work when paired with a Roku device.

Aside from the absence of anynet+ compatibility, there’s another reason that restricts the Samsung remote from controlling a Roku device. The reason is the technology through which the remote communicates with a device. A Samsung TV communicates with its remote using infrared waves, whereas a Roku device communicates with its remote using both infrared and radiofrequency waves. So both remotes and electronic devices use different waves to communicate. This creates a shield that prevents Samsung remotes from communicating with a Roku device.

According to some sources, it’s possible to control just two Roku device functions, volume control, and power. A somewhat choppy control is possible because Roku has the CEC feature accompany its volume and power control functions.

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