Samsung TV Standby Light Flashing: 3 Ways To Fix

samsung tv standby light flashing
samsung tv standby light flashing

Samsung TVs are a great choice for your needs and you will be able to get your hands on pretty easily. The best part is that you can get Android OS on the TV with some truly impeccable resolutions. The Samsung TVs are supporting up to 4k resolutions and more being in the production line.

These TVs are a perfect example of what you can call utility and features but if you are facing some issues like Standby Light flashing instead of the TV being turned on when you press the power button, here are a few things that you need to do here.

Samsung TV Standby Light Flashing: The Reasons?

Well, there are multiple reasons being reported behind the red light is flashing and you need to ensure that you are covering them all in order to have your Samsung TV work again without causing you any sort of issues.

So, the first thing that can cause this issue is the HDMI or other link that might not be connected properly, and the TV is set that as the input device. The second thing might be a bit complicated and that is a faulty power supply. So, here are a few things that you need to do.

1) Change the Source

The first thing that you need to try in case the Samsung TV is not turning on and is causing the red standby light flashing on it, you need to change the input source. The input source button allows you to shuffle between the input options like USB, HDMI, and DVI cable. So, you are going to need to click on the source button and that will change it to some other input source. If the HDMI cable or some other input method is causing you to have this issue, this will be sorted out and you can make it work.

2) Check the cables

You will need to check all the cables and connections with the TV. There is a possibility that your TV connections like the HDMI or DVI cable might not be connected properly and might be hanging loose. So, unplug them all and then carefully plug them back in. This is going to ensure that all the connections are tied perfectly with the Samsung TV and you will not have to deal with your TV not turning on and instead the red light blinking on it.

3) Contact Samsung Support

Unfortunately, if the above two have not worked for you and the TV is still showing the red standby light upon turning on the TV, it is highly likely that the Power Supply on your Samsung TV has developed some issue. It will not be right to try messing with that on your own and you should contact the Samsung Support department. You might need to take your TV to a store or they will be sending out a technician down to your place who will be able to diagnose the problem for you and share the perfect resolution with you.

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