3 Steps to Fix Modem Not Working After Power Outage

Modem Not Working After Power Outage
Modem Not Working After Power Outage

When it comes to telecommunications, there are few brands in the US that are held in such high esteem as Verizon. In our opinion, this hasn’t happened by accident, or by excellent advertising campaigns. 

Normally, when companies like these take off, it’s because they offer something more and better than their rivals on the market. So, given that this particular market is insanely competitive, the fact that Verizon have become a household name is more than a little impressive. 

Offering a huge range of top quality products, alongside a few reasonably priced and reliable services, you could most certainly do a lot worse than choosing to give your business to them.

Of their products, one of the most reputable and widely used is their modem/router. Naturally, the whole purpose of this is so that the user can connect to the net via a broadband connection. 

And, overall, there are very few cases where their equipment just stops working for no reason. That being said, we are more than aware that you wouldn’t be here reading this if yours was working the way it should right now. 

Though we rate their equipment highly, there are more than a few reports out there that some of you can’t get your modem/router to work again after a power outage. So, to finally put that issue to rest, we decided to put together this little guide to help you get everything working again. 

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How To Get Your Modem Working After A Power Outage 

As is the case with every modem and router, your Verizon router needs a steady and constant supply of electricity to keep it running. Without that, and especially in the case of a sudden power outage, it will shut down rapidly and somewhat violently. 

Naturally, these kinds of shutdowns really aren’t good for the overall health of the device. In fact, it can cause some pretty bad damage which can’t be repaired in more serious cases. Unfortunately, this is even more likely to be the case if you happen to be using a separate modem and router. 

However, though this is the worst case scenario, it is still always worth making sure that your equipment can be fixed before assuming the worst. Through this article, we are going to try our best to get Modem Not Working After Power Outage, fixed to the best of our abilities. 

With a bit of luck, your equipment isn’t all that badly damaged and can be brought back to life. In either case, you will know exactly what the situation is by the time you’ve finished these troubleshooting steps. So, now that we have gone through that, it is time to get stuck into it!

  1. Leave the Modem off for a while

Leave the Modem off for a while

This tip might sound a little strange, but bear with us on this one. It does actually work! Though your modem has been forced to shut down by means of a lack of power, the best thing to do is not to power it on straight away. 

Instead, what we would recommend is that you keep it powered off for at least another 30 minutes. In fact, it is much better if you even remove all of the power supply to the device so that no power can get into it at all. 

Once these 30 minutes have elapsed, we would first suggest that you try powering up just the broadband modem by itself. Then, once all of the lights have lit up, the next step is to then hook up the router to see if you can get the two working in unison. 

We cannot stress enough how important it is to power up the modem first before doing anything with the router. So, even if this step doesn’t work this time, it is a good idea to remember this tip for future use. 

  1. Check that your Line is working

Check that your Line is working

In some cases, it can happen that your modem will actually turn on as normal but won’t work properly. Though this isn’t the best case scenario, it isn’t the worst either. What this means is that your modem is most likely fine, but you may have some trouble with your line. 

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to check this by yourself. Instead, you will have to call up your internet service provider to ask them if there is something wrong with your line.

If there is, they will send someone over to repair it relatively quickly. If the line is actually fine and the modem/router still isn’t working, it is time to move along to our last suggestion. 

  1. The worst case scenario

The worst case scenario

Unfortunately, if neither of the above fixes did anything to get your modem working again, we may have to accept that the worst case scenario is the reality here. These sorts of power outages are notorious for damaging such devices and frying internal components in the process. 

Naturally, when this happens, it becomes incredibly difficult to ever get the modem working again. So, the only logical course of action that remains to you in this case is to start looking for a replacement. 

Before you begin this process, there are a few things to consider that could make this endeavor a lot cheaper. For example, if the modem was given to you by your internet service provider, then they may well replace it for you at little to no charge. 

In addition to that, there is also the possibility that your modem may have been covered by a manufacturer warranty. In either case, it is always worth checking these things to save a bit of cash. 

The Last Word

Unfortunately, these are the only viable fixes that we could find that stand a chance of getting your modem working again. 

With situations like these, there is always an element of luck involved. To remove that factor form the equation next time, we would always recommend that you use a surge protector to prevent your most fragile equipment from getting damaged. 

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  1. 1. To get your internet back up and running after a power outage, the easiest solution would be to check the power source of your router and modem.
    2. Make sure they are plugged in, turned on, and that the connections to the wall outlets are secure.
    3. If the power source is fine, you may need to reset your router and modem by unplugging and plugging them back in again.

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