ESPN User Not Authorized Error: 7 Ways To Fix

espn user not authorized error
espn user not authorized error

For every sports enthusiast out there, ESPN is the ultimate winner, right? So, there is an important tournament coming up, you open the app with a bowl full of popcorn but the app doesn’t authorize you. Well, that’s pretty bad. So, if you are struggling with the ESPN user not authorized error, you don’t need to be worried since we have all the troubleshooting methods to fix the error!

ESPN User Not Authorized Error

1) Clear The Apps

First of all, if you are using the app on your smartphone and you have multiple apps open in the background, it will lead to multiple errors. One needs to understand that these excessive apps in the background will adversely impact the performance or functionality of the app. With this being said, we suggest that you close down the apps in the background (clear ESPN as well). Once you clear all the apps, just open the ESPN app again and log in again.

2) Clear The Data

In case you are using or streaming ESPN on Google Chrome and struggling with the “user not authorized” error, we suggest that you clear the browsing data. This is because a loaded browser can impact the performance and adversely impact the authentication. With this being said, just clear the browsing data on Google Chrome and try logging in again.

3) Switch The Browser

When it comes down to watching ESPN, we suggest that you use the compatible browsers for streaming the content. So, if you were using the Chrome browser and couldn’t get rid of the error even after deleting the browser data, just switch to Firefox and you will be able to use and stream ESPN. In addition, you could try switching to the app.

4) Restart

It doesn’t matter if you are using the WatchESPN app on a smartphone or streaming on the browser, it is suggested that you restart your device. This is because in some cases, the devices have minor software bugs that lead to authentication errors. So, once you restart the device, log in to the account again and you will not have the authentication error.

5) Number Of Devices

When you have logged into ESPN account from multiple devices, you are highly likely to struggle with the authentication error. With this being said, we suggest that you log out of ESPN from all devices. Once all the devices are logged out, log in to the account on one device and you won’t struggle with the authentication error issue.

6) Activation

If you are still unable to stream the ESPN content, we suggest logging out of the device/account and opening the activate section on the ESPN website. When you open this page, a new code will be provided with which you can log in to the account.

7) Pay The Bill

If you are unable to access ESPN and stream content even after trying the troubleshooting methods listed above, there are higher chances that your bill is due. In addition, if you haven’t paid the bill for a few minutes, you will be restricted to access the account. With this being said, just pay the due bills and you will be able to use ESPN!

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