4 Steps to Fix Arris Modem Keeps Resetting Spectrum

arris modem keeps resetting spectrum
arris modem keeps resetting spectrum

Arris modems are one of the best routing devices. However, a majority of people have complained about their Arris modem keeps resetting spectrum Internet. Since this issue is faced by so many customers, we have thought to help the users get rid of this issue. In this article, you’ll find steps in which you can rectify your Arris modems. Read on to learn wats in which you can do that and causes behind the resetting issue.

Arris Modems

These routers provide an excellent fast speed internet usually without any error. Arris routers and modems are found to be quite fine devices that let you connect multiple computing devices with your Spectrum internet simultaneously. These modems help to share network data information from one route to another. But recently, customers are reporting about an issue where their Arris modem keeps resetting spectrum and they can’t seem to find any help from the spectrum help desk about this problem.

Troubleshooting Arris Modem Keeps Resetting Spectrum

There are a number of reasons why your Arris modem keeps resetting Spectrum internet. As many other people have also reported a similar type of issues regarding their Arris Modem/ Routers which tend to drop signals which cause different Connectivity Issues randomly at odd hours. Therefore, here in this article, we’re going to help you resolve these Arris modem related issues in a somewhat professional way.

Such Arris modem internet issues are mainly caused due to the wrong placements of the routers. The location of the Arris modem where you have placed your routing device has a great impact on your Spectrum internet connection. So, if you’ve placed your Arris Modem in the wrong place, you’ll get weak signals and you will not be able to communicate through that easily.

So, if you’re experiencing a similar type of disconnecting or frequent resetting Spectrum internet connections, you should go through the following steps to fix your Arris modem.

Step No. 1:

The first step is to upgrade your routing device and install the most recent version of the firewall into your device system. You can do it yourself or you can call a friend or go to a local computer hardware shop and get it done. Now after upgrading and installing, open the firewall and type this ZurL ( into the given address bar field of your firewall web browser. Now, click on that help tab that you’re seeing. You’ll see your modem’s information on the router page.

Step No. 2:

Secondly, you need to go check all your spectrum internet cables as well as all the splitters that make up the Connection to bring it to your house. Try unplugging them one by one. Unplug all its new connections or older ones from the modem and the ethernet cables. After unplugging all the cable connections from your Arris modem,  just wait for a few minutes before plugging the Connections back again.

Step No. 3:

Now, reconnect all the Network connections back into your Arris Modem/ router directly. Make sure that your connections are securely connected from the drop-down in the main menu to your home directly. If your Spectrum signals are still not strong enough or the Arris modem keeps resetting spectrum or disconnecting the internet randomly then you need to recheck the whole Connection system properly. To ensure better signals and minimize spectrum internet issues, your spectrum cable drop should be directly connected from the street into your home withing using any splitters. If the wires or cables used are extra short, it’s a plus point.

Step No. 4:

If Arris router keeps disconnecting or your Arris modem keeps resetting spectrum randomly then you should consider checking out whether it’s your modem that’s causing the trouble or your internet connection. It could be because you have placed the modem near to other electrical devices that are interrupting the internet connection and causing your modem to reset itself over and over again.


If your Arris modem keeps resetting Spectrum, try the above-given steps to solve the issue. It could be related to your network connection or your device but either way, you will be able to solve the issue with these steps. We hope these instructions will resolve your Arris modem glitches and get it to work properly.

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