How Do I Update My Towers For Straight Talk? 3 Steps

how do i update my towers for straight talk
how do i update my towers for straight talk

The robust and uninterrupted communication has become a necessity. That’s to say because people need zero compromises on signal strength for the internet and calling. Whenever there is a signal drop, it can get highly frustrating. Usually, it is caused by a low signal density of the area. In some cases, wrong APN settings, PRL, and cell towers are the culprit.

On the other hand, Straight Talk is one of the most amazing network companies with topnotch plans. However, some Straight Talk consumers struggle with weak signals, and coverage isn’t optimal either. In some cases, these weak network signals can be frustrating, since consumers are never able to send text messages, make calls, or use the internet.

There will be no online gaming or browsing. So, if you are done with this issue, you can gain better internet and network speed, topped with high network coverage. In the section below, we have added multiple tips that will help improve the quality and strength of network signals, in addition to tower updates. So, have a look!

Straight Talk – What Is It?

Straight Talk is the brainchild of Walmart and TracFone and is knows as the mobile virtual network operator. They are offering GSM as well as CDMA support. The CDMA network provides access through Sprint and Verizon. On the other hand, the GSM network provides access through AT&T and T-Mobile. You need to buy Straight Talk directly from the websites or Walmart.

Troubleshooting Tips

In this section, we have outlined the troubleshooting tips for Straight Talk consumers to ensure strengthened internet signals. In addition, the network coverage will be extended as well. So, have a look!

APN Settings

APN stands for Access Point Network and is designed as the identity proof which is responsible for differentiating between different users. The APN will also provide information about the signed-up data plan and the network capability, be it 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE. In addition, it talks about the type of connection that is suitable for your device. So, if you are struggling with weak or no network strength, you need to check the APN settings. It is advised to check the APN settings for Straight Talk on the official website.

PRL Updates

PRL stands for the preferred roaming list and is defined as the database which is used for CDMA services. It is also used for updating Straight Talk. The PRL settings are provided and retained by network carriers and are utilized upon connection with the network tower (once you are connected to the network through the SIM card).

PRL provides data about service provider IDs and radio bands. These services are searched for, and devices can be connected to specified towers to ensure network requirement fulfillments. In this case, the outdated PRL will pose negative impacts on the network strength, and the signals will be weak. So, if you need to update the PRL settings, dial *22891. This will automatically notify the users that you are looking for PRL updates and they will refresh it for you.

How Do I Update My Towers For Straight Talk?

For everyone who is struggling with low and weak signal reception, you need to update the cell towers. In this case, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps;

1) Roaming List

When the smartphone is looking for network signals, it is highly likely to look for a preferred roaming list. This PRL list will define different radio frequencies to establish a signal connection. For Straight Talk, the PRL list is automatically configured to strengthen the signals, without compromising on the tower and frequency widths. In this case, you need proper information about roaming charges for foreign lands.

2) Smartphone Apps

Some smartphones are integrated with built-in or downloadable apps, which can be used to update the carrier settings. For the iPhone users, you can update the carrier settings in about section of your iPhone. On the other hand, the Android users can look for carrier settings update in the system updates in the settings app.

3) Local Signals

If you aren’t able to optimize strong signals for your Straight Talk network, you can try looking for other networks. Make sure their signal strength and coverage are optimum. In addition, you can use the speed tests and apps, such as OpenSignal, to check the network coverage at a specific location.

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