Straight Talk No Service Issue: 4 Ways To Fix

straight talk no service
straight talk no service

These days, there are practically infinite choices out there when it comes to choosing a network to do business with. Of course, this is both a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. On one hand, competition inevitably drives prices down, meaning you can end up getting more bang for your buck. But on the flipside of that, choosing which company to go with is an awful lot tougher. And not all carriers are of the same quality.

With the newer and lesser-known companies, such as Straight Talk, who have to get their customer base from undercutting the better known brands out there, the idea is that you get the same service for less.

The way that they can manage to undercut the goliath companies such as Verizon and AT&T is that they are an MVNO, which we will explain during the course of this article, seeing as it has a huge bearing on how your service works. For now, our time would be much better spent getting to grips with Straight Talk first.

What Is Straight Talk And How Do They Operate?

For those that are unfamiliar with Straight Talk, all you really need to know is that it is a service that is provided by TracFone Wireless, who just happen to be the largest no-contract phone service out there in the US right now. For people who want to have a decent phone service but don’t want to get locked into a contract that could span a year or more, this is the kind of company that will end up getting your business.

There’s also a benefit in that you can just pay for these phones in full straight away or opt to lump in that sum with your monthly bill. If you happen to be a master at budgeting, you’ll for sure find something that suits your methods here.

However, Straight Talk’s service has never really been considered perfect, and isn’t quite up to the standards of some of the mega companies out there. Still, by the standards set by other budget carriers, they actually end up faring okay.

The service is enabled by the fact that it is an MVNO, meaning that the service is powered by multiple towers from all of the main cell carriers, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and US Cellular, among others. Seeing as they have permission to use these towers to transmit their signal, this should mean that you have a reasonably good chance of having a signal when you really need it. However, with MVNOs, this isn’t always the case.

What is an MVNO and how do they work?

First things first, the MVNPO acronym is short for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. This is basically an agreement between some carriers that allows smaller entities who may not have their own towers to utilise bigger entities’ data centre and software infrastructures.

Effectively, the smaller company will rent all of these towers from the larger companies in order to provide their service. For them, this works out quite well. They have far less to pay in operational costs because, like their customers, they can opt to rent the gear needed. Then, this saving is passed down to the customer, who ends up paying less for their service too. In theory, it all sounds pretty great, but there can be downsides when you can’t figure out why you can’t get any signal.

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Straight Talk No Service Issue

Since Straight Talk is an MVNO and has invested a great deal in renting the towers from a whole host of companies, it stands to reason that you should rarely have any issues with coverage. However, that isn’t always the case when it’s all put into practice.

As it stands, there are quite a few customers out there at the moment that are reporting ongoing issues with their service. In fact, this issue seems to have been relatively commonplace as far back as Autumn of last year.

Given that this is totally unacceptable to be paying for a service that you can’t make use of, we thought we would put together a little troubleshooting guide to help you get to the bottom of it. Of course, the chances are good that the company themselves are currently working on a solution. But for now, this should help you bridge the gap.

  1. Try Restarting your Phone

Try Restarting your Phone

As we always do with these guides, let’s kick things off with the simplest of solutions first. Quite often, issues such as these may have nothing to do with the carrier themselves but instead be the result of some minor bug or glitch on your phone playing a bit of havoc.

Restarting your phone, especially if you haven’t done so in quite some time, will go some way to clearing these bugs out. So, make sure that you’ve saved anything that you may have been working on and then give a restart a try.

Once the phone has booted up, make sure to give it enough time for it to seek out the signals it needs to restore the service. With a bit of luck, this will be enough to fix the problem. If not, we’ll have to try something else.

  1. Check your Network Settings

One bad thing about using an MVNO carrier is that there is a lot of things going on behind the scenes that will have an effect on whether you get a signal or not. The signal will end up being supplied by different towers, and be constantly switching between them as you move around.

This means that if your phone is a bit slow or dated, it can take a while to establish a connection to the relevant tower. That, and the settings you have on your phone can actively prevent your phone from switching towers at will. To make sure you are giving your phone the best chance of keeping up, we will need to check that the settings are in order.

First up, you will need to open up the settings on your phone and then go into the Network Settings Menu. Within this menu, you should see an option that allows your phone to automatically select the network that it perceives as the best. This option will most likely be called ‘automatic network selection’.

We would advise having this option switched on at all times as the phone is generally right on the money when it comes to picking the right network. Give that a try, but make sure to give the phone enough time to adapt to the new setting and establish a connection. If needs be, you may also need to restart the phone to make sure that the new setting takes effect. Once you’ve tried that, we can then move onto the next step.

  1. Carrier phones

Carrier phones

The fact that most phones that are sold in the US are sold by carriers will mean that they will end up having some technologies locked on them. Sadly, this is the reason that quite a few people will end up having problems with their service when trying to use an MVNO such as this. So, we will need to rule this out as a cause if we are to get to the bottom of the problem.

Of course, if you happen to be using a phone that is unlocked, you can safely skip this step entirely as it won’t apply to you. However, if you bought the phone you are using from some carrier or another and you’re not sure whether it is unlocked or not, you’ll need to hang with us on this one. Say for example you bought the phone when you were with Verizon and then tried to keep it when you were switching to Straight Talk, this could be the issue.

This will especially be the case if you happen to be in an area where Verizon towers haven’t got you covered but some other tower owned by a different brand will. If your phone has a block on it that only allows it to connect with Verizon towers, it won’t be able to connect with a different tower that could work.

  1. Get in touch with Customer Support

Get in touch with Customer Support

Straight Talk have a pretty average record when it comes to customer service, unfortunately. However, at times like this, there really isn’t anything left to do rather than just give them a try.

Seeing as this has been an issue reported by many, the chances are pretty good that they will be well-versed on how to deal with it. Better yet, they have probably figured out some new troubleshooting tips that they haven’t released to the general public just yet.

19 thoughts on “Straight Talk No Service Issue: 4 Ways To Fix”

  1. What’s the point of telling people to restart? Everyone always tries that before anything. Can’t find the network settings thing in my phone.
    They have customer support? All I found on their site was support phone number, which I obviously can’t use, seeing as my Straight Talk phone has no service.

    • I couldn’t call 911. I can’t have a video conference with any doctors. My phone worked perfect until the very instant Verizon’s policies were implemented into straight talks operation. It’s criminal what they are doing


  3. My friend could not make a call or receive a call. Called Straight talk for 3 days and not one representative could get it to work. Talked to at least 3 everytime we called and every one of them said to turn phone off and turn back on, take sim card out put back in, dial *73. It’s like they all had the same script handed to them to read. 3 days wasted. Still no bars and no call can be made or received. They also say the phone is set up and shows to be in working order and the signal is strong in her area. Sent her a new sim card and spent another whole day of the same thing and still no service. Not impressed with the service or customer support. I have the steps memorized pretty much now and can do it myself.

  4. I am having same problem also. Had same problem beginning of year with different phone, I talk to them for a week phone never fixed I purchased new one now it doing same thing . It says no network connection

  5. My phone has not worked in my area for days. I spoke with several Representatives, got hung up on almost every one. The minute I step out of my zip code my phone works great WTF is the problem? Half of the representatives don’t even speak proper English for me to understand let alone loud enough for me to hear them. I am very upset with straight talk never had this problem till recently.

  6. I no can no longer receive or send any phone calls. I have to resend a single text 5× in order for it to go thru. Called customer service everyday for a week. They haven’t been of any help and I can’t understand a word they say. Bought a new phone but now I’m starting to worry if the new phone will do the same as this one is. My work can’t reach me, my son can’t reach me in case of an emergency. I don’t know what to do.

  7. I live in Alabama….same crap here too NO BARS , NO SERVICE & Customer Support Reps need to b better in English! And PLEASE don’t guarantee that u can help me upon answering my call because it always pisses me off that with every issue I have called customer service none of the reps r knowledgeable enuff in that specific area to resolve my issues. Crazy?

  8. I to have no service all the time this is the 2md month I have paid my service and hardly been able to use my sevice or hotspot at all I’m getting very frustrated and am bout to switch carriers I feel I am owed a month that the service I pay so much for works I’ve tried everything and have bout had enough either I am credited for this or I change on the 15th when my bill is due bottom line this is crazy when I use it for biz

  9. Same thing here. Full bars full 4G but can’t do anything with the phone. This is my phone I used with Verizon. Activated it and at first could make and receive call and just texted text. Called 10 times about the no data thing. Finally after two days of calling they had me update the APN, now the phone is a brick. Full bars and 4G but literally can’t do anything. Writing this on wifi at the hotel I’m at. Traveled 1600 miles and got this straight talk plan for the trip and it hasn’t worked since I got it.

  10. I have been a straight talk customer for years now and ALWAYS recommended them to friends and family. Never had any problems…. Until now….I have had “no service”for a week now.Wish I’d known this was getting to ready to happen as I’ve just purchased 6 mos.of Straight talk! Paying for something that I cannot even use! On top of it all I have serious health issues that can go bad very quickly,I NEED my phone to be able to contact help when I need it! I contacted the customer service rep who put in a new order for a SIM card,which may never be shipped because they’re supposedly “out” of them!

  11. Just got a new phone last week to upgrade my old straight talk phone that my son damaged. Been over a week with the same crap, saying my device is activated yet I can only use the internet and texting app. As far as calls and texts on my main number, been on the phone and chat multiple times over the last week with no resolution to this issue. So I paid for a new phone and a plan that’s useless if I go out, guess on the bright side I can call 911…very frustrating and already looking for a new carrier. We’ve had straight talk for 7 years and never an issue till now

  12. If it wasn’t mentioned above…
    After returning from an area with little to no service (family farm) or after restarting phone I am not able to receive texts..
    Fix for me-
    Dial *73
    ..wait for a couple beeps, then it will hang up.
    Usually I receive a barrage of late texts moments later.

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