6 Ways To Fix Asus Laptop Connected To Wi-Fi But No Internet

asus laptop connected to wifi but no internet
asus laptop connected to wifi but no internet

For everyone living in this modern age, we are pretty sure that they would have a laptop and an internet connection. The internet connection on the laptop is obviously very important. On the contrary, the Asus laptop connected to Wi-Fi but no internet issue is pretty frustrating. So, let’s have a look at the troubleshooting methods!

How to Fix Asus Laptop Connected To Wi-Fi But No Internet?

1. Wireless Function

When it comes down to the internet issues with the Asus laptop, you must ensure that the wireless feature is activated. This is because the wireless function has to be activated for the internet to work properly. That being said, you must tap on the network and internet on the taskbar and switch on Wi-Fi. When the Wi-Fi is enabled, it will appear blue.

2. BIOS Settings

The BIOS is actually firmware that is responsible for configuring the hardware. That being said, you need to check the BIOS settings if the Wi-Fi is connected and has no internet. For this reason, you will need to reset the BIOS settings to the default form. For resetting the BIOS settings, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Access the BIOS setup on your laptop and hit the F9 button
  • Then, the BIOS settings will be set to default and confirm the changes by hitting the enter button
  • Now, hit the F10 button, and the BIOS setup will close down

3. Reboot The Computer

The computer reboot can fix the majority of issues, and internet connectivity issue is one of them. With this being said, just switch off the laptop and hit the shift key, and shut the down the button at once. As a result, the laptop will be switched off. Once the laptop switches off, it will restart as well.

4. Wireless Diagnosis

When you have an internet issue on Asus laptop, you can utilize the wireless system diagnoses in the MyAsus. This is because it can resolve the connectivity issues. When it opens up, type in MyAsus, and a new window will open. Then, move to the wireless connectivity problems tab and hit the checkup button. In case it outlines the issues, the troubleshooting methods will be suggested as well.

5. Wireless Driver

In some cases, internet connectivity issues will occur with the Asus laptop if the wireless driver is not updated. That being said, you need to open the device manager and check for the wireless driver. The users can also opt for third-party driver scanning solutions. This is because these solutions can scan for wireless driver updates. In case the updated wireless driver is available, download and install it for better internet connectivity.

6. Network Reset

In case updating the wireless drivers didn’t work, you need to opt for the network reset. For resetting the network on Asus’s laptop, you need to open settings from the start menu. Then, open the network and internet tab, and tap on the network reset option. It will open a new tab, so choose the “reset now” option and confirm it. Also, when the network resets, the laptop will be restarted, and the internet connection will be fixed!

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