Can Straight Talk Work In Canada? (Explained)

straight talk canada
straight talk canada

Straight Talk is one of the largest MVNO across the US. They are one of the best service providers with reliable service. However, like each MVNO there are certain limitations to Straight Talk as well. Straight Talk works pretty well in the US as they got towers rented from most of the service providers. Straight Talk uses Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, US cellular, and more depending on the area so it would be worth giving a shot. The only drawback with such carriers is that they operate within the US only and there are restrictions on these networks to be used outside the country limits. Let’s have a look at Straight Talk and how it would fare for Canada.

Straight Talk Unlimited International Service Plan

Straight Talk offers some super cool services for its consumers that are unmatched in terms of pricing and quality. One such service is the Straight Talk Unlimited International Service Plan. If you use Straight Talk for business and lots of your clients are located abroad, this would be the best package for you. This allows you to make phone calls using your Straight Talk phone to mobile phones in Mexican, Canada, China, India, and tons of other landline destinations. There are no extra monthly costs or no contracts.

This would be the perfect choice for you to have if you are looking for a carrier that would allow you to make international calls including Canada with a reasonable price slab.

Straight Talk Roaming In Canada

But if that is not what you are looking for, you must be willing to know if you are traveling to Canada and your straight talk would be able to work there. The answer to this question is a straight NO. Straight Talk does not offer roaming services in any country including Canada. Being an MVNO, Straight talk only has rented the towers within the US and has the right to operate in the US only. That is why you will not be able to use the roaming feature on your Straight Talk if you are visiting Canada.

If you are visiting one-time

If you are visiting Canada for a single time and don’t want to get through the hassle of getting a new number subscription that would allow you to roam there, it is totally fine. You can find temporary SIM cards that would work in Canada. These carriers work like a disposable number that you can have for the term of your stay in any country. You can just dump these numbers later. These can easily be found in the airports and duty-free shops where you can get a subscription with no obligations and a comparatively lesser price.

If you visit frequently

If you tend to visit Canada frequently and have a straight talk number, that would be a problem for you. Now, you have two options here. Either you can have a second phone with a number that can be used on roaming in Canada, or you can have your own number ported to a different carrier that supports roaming.

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