2 Ways to Bypass Data Throttling Straight Talk

bypass data throttling straight talk
bypass data throttling straight talk

Say you are in the middle of a thrilling climax scene of your favorite movie or streaming the most awaited new season of some Netflix series. But about halfway through your streaming session, your internet speeds drop down to half of what your internet plan offers. What gives? What to do now? Don’t worry. In this article, we’re going to give you ways on how to bypass data throttling straight talk.

What’s Throttling? Why Is It Done?

So, what’s data throttling? And why is it done? Data throttling can be defined shortly as to when your Internet Service providing company intentionally slows down the connection speeds of your broadband internet. No matter what internet plan you’re using, your speeds will go 5 or 10 times lower than what they should be. How come?

This is a tricky tactic used by almost all of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to manage a fair amount of network traffic on their servers. This way they’re able to avoid bits and pieces of network congestion from their servers.

How to Bypass Data Throttling? Straight Talk!

So, what to do now? Should you just sit home and continue facing these issues for the rest of your life? Or you can find ways how to bypass data throttling – straight talk. This sounds a bit easier, quicker, and a much more sensible thing to do. So here, in this article, we have come up with a few ways in which you can do that. Have a look at the following easy methods that you can do without spending much of your time and money.

  1. Using Proxy Server

A proxy server can help you in bypassing data throttling that your ISP servers might be doing for a while. The only problem with using a proxy server is that it offers much slower download speeds. However, it does come up with a valued advantage that usually using a proxy server is free of any cost. You can easily find such free proxy servers online on the internet.

While along with the free ones, if the price has been an issue for you and you highly value the performance, pay-for-play proxy servers will be best for you to use. Expensive quality proxy servers are also available in the market which is capable of providing improved performance.

  1. By Using A VPN Tool

If you like a paid Proxy server,  you are going to love a VPN tool. Because when you’re spending your hard-earned money, you should spend it well. A VPN tool offers all of those proxy server features along with some much-appreciated data encryption, greater protection and a much better level of performance than any type of proxy server can ever provide.

So, we hope you find your solution in our short Bypass Data Throttling – Straight talk. Don’t forget to give feedback.

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